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Papers (4):
  • Rina Tazai, Youichi Yamakawa, Seiichiro Onari, Hiroshi Kontani. Mechanism of exotic density-wave and beyond-Migdal unconventional superconductivity in kagome metal AV 3 Sb 5 (A = K, Rb, Cs). Science Advances. 2022. 8. 13
  • Rina Tazai, Youichi Yamakawa, Masahisa Tsuchiizu, Hiroshi Kontani. d- and p-wave Quantum Liquid Crystal Orders in Cuprate Superconductors, κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X, and Coupled Chain Hubbard Models: Functional-renormalization-group Analysis. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 2021. 90. 11. 111012-111012
  • Rina Tazai, Youichi Yamakawa, Masahisa Tsuchiizu, Hiroshi Kontani. Prediction of pseudogap formation due to d-wave bond-order in organic superconductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)(2)X. PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH. 2021. 3. 2
  • Rina Tazai, Youichi Yamakawa, Hiroshi Kontani. Emergence of charge loop current in the geometrically frustrated Hubbard model: A functional renormalization group study. Physical Review B. 2021. 103. 16
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