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Yamaguchi Yuji

ヤマグチ ユウジ | Yamaguchi Yuji
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Particle, nuclear, cosmic-ray, and astrophysics - experiment
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 高しきい値反応を利用した高速応答気体電離箱型ビームロスモニターの開発
Papers (1):
  • Nakano Masahiro*, Yamaguchi Yuji, Uozumi Yusuke*. Deuteron-induced nonelastic cross sections based on the intranuclear cascade model with independent incident particles under interaction potentials. Physical Review C. 2022. 106. 1. 014612\_1-014612\_8
MISC (1):
  • Yamaguchi Yuji, Meigo Shinichiro. Proceedings of the 2021 Symposium on Nuclear Data; November 18-19, 2021, On-line Connection Conference. JAEA-Conf 2022-001. 2022. 226
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • Fixed measurement of thermal neutron intensity with gold-foil activation method at the J-PARC spallation neutron source
    (第22回日本中性子科学会年会(JSNS 2022))
  • Preliminary experiment for measurement of radioisotope production from negative muon capture
  • Development of proton spectrometer using Cherenkov photons, 1
  • Measurement of $\alpha$ of 230 MeV/u incident charged particles production double differential cross section
  • Measurements of double-differential cross sections of the Al(p,xp) reaction for 400 MeV - 3 GeV protons, 1; Test experiment using 400 MeV protons
Education (1):
  • 2017 - 2020 九州大学大学院 工学府
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