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TAKEI Hayanori

タケイ ハヤノリ | TAKEI Hayanori
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Particle, nuclear, cosmic-ray, and astrophysics - experiment ,  Quantum beam science
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 極短パルス核破砕中性子源を目指したレーザー荷電変換による陽子ビーム制御の開発
Papers (41):
  • Miyahara Shinya*, Arita Yuji*, Nakano Keita, Maekawa Fujio, Sasa Toshinobu, Obayashi Hironari, Takei Hayanori. Development and validation of analysis code for spallation products behavior in LBE coolant system of ADS comparing with the distribution data in MEGAPIE spallation target. Nuclear Engineering and Design. 2023. 403. 112147\_1-112147\_17
  • Hayanori Takei, Kazuyoshi Tsutsumi, Shin-Ichiro Meigo. Low-power proton beam extraction by the bright continuous laser using the 3-MeV negative-hydrogen linac in Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology. 2021. 58. 5. 588-603
  • Sugawara Takanori, Takei Hayanori, Tsujimoto Kazufumi. Investigations of accelerator reliability and decay heat removal for accelerator-driven system. Annals of Nuclear Energy. 2019. 125. 242-248
  • Takei Hayanori, Furukawa Kazuro, Yano Yoshiharu, Ogawa Yujiro. Evaluation of mean time between accidental interruptions for accelerator klystron systems based on the reliability engineering method. Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology. 2018. 55. 9. 996-1008
  • Sugawara Takanori, Takei Hayanori, Iwamoto Hiroki, Oizumi Akito, Nishihara Kenji, Tsujimoto Kazufumi. Research and development activities for accelerator-driven system in JAEA. Progress in Nuclear Energy. 2018. 106. 27-33
MISC (65):
  • Kondo Yasuhiro, Takei Hayanori, Yee-Rendon B., Tamura Jun. R\&D on Accelerator Driven Nuclear Transmutation System (ADS) at J-PARC, 5; Research and developments of a superconducting linac for ADS. Purazuma, Kaku Yugo Gakkai-Shi. 2022. 98. 5. 222-226
  • Maekawa Fujio, Takei Hayanori. R\&D on Accelerator Driven Nuclear Transmutation System (ADS) at J-PARC, 2; Transmutation Experimental Facility at J-PARC. Purazuma, Kaku Yugo Gakkai-Shi. 2022. 98. 5. 206-210
  • Takei Hayanori. Development of proton beam control technology for transmutation characteristic test. Isotope News. 2022. 779. 11-15
  • Yee-Rendon B., Tamura Jun, Kondo Yasuhiro, Nakano Keita, Takei Hayanori, Maekawa Fujio, Meigo Shinichiro. Fast fault recovery scenarios for the JAEA-ADS linac. Proceedings of 18th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet). 2021. 61-65
  • Takei Hayanori, Hirano Koichiro, Meigo Shinichiro, Tsutsumi Kazuyoshi. Long beam pulse extraction by the laser charge exchange method using the 3-MeV linac in J-PARC. Proceedings of 8th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2019) (Internet). 2020. 595-599
Patents (3):
  • 電子ビームスリット装置
  • 荷電粒子ビームダンプ装置
  • 荷電粒子ビームダンプ装置
Lectures and oral presentations  (34):
  • Estimation of a beam trip frequency of a superconducting proton linear accelerator for the accelerator-driven nuclear transmutation system and comparison with the allowable beam trip frequency
  • Analytical study of spallation products' behavior in the MEGAPIE target, 2; Evaluation of volatile SP inventories released from LBE into the cover gas by TRAIL code
  • Analytical study of spallation products' behavior in the MEGAPIE target, 1; Evaluation of spallation product (SP) in lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) target by PHITS code
  • Impurity evaporation behavior of alkali elements from lead-bismuth eutectic
  • None
Association Membership(s) (3):
Atomic Energy Society of Japan ,  The Physical Society of Japan ,  Japan Association of High Energy Physicists
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