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Shoyama Mizuki

ショウヤマ ミズキ | Shoyama Mizuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Research Scientist
Homepage URL  (1): https://www.jniosh.johas.go.jp/
Papers (12):
  • Mizuki Shoyama. Control of Charging and Motion of Particles using UV Irradiation and Electrostatic Field. 2022. 29. 36-40
  • Mizuki Shoyama, Taiki Sugaya, Shuji Matsusaka. Effects of Direction and Strength of External Electric Field on Particle Charging and Levitation under UV Irradiation. 2021 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting (IAS). 2021
  • 松坂修二, 庄山瑞季. Charging of Particles Using Electric Field and Its Application to Powder Handling Operations. 粉砕. 2021. 65. 3-10
  • Mizuki Shoyama, Hironobu Yoshioka, Shuji Matsusaka. Charging and levitation of particles using UV irradiation and electric field. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications. 2021
  • Mizuki Shoyama, Shuji Matsusaka. Agglomeration and Dispersion Related to Particle Charging in Electric Fields. KONA POWDER AND PARTICLE JOURNAL. 2021. 38. 82-93
MISC (18):
  • 太田昌宏, 西田周平, 甲斐壮太, 庄山瑞季, 松坂修二. 誘導帯電現象を利用した気相中の粒子混合. 化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM). 2021. 52nd
  • 西川諒, 庄山瑞季, 松坂修二. 粒子の付着強度分布に及ぼす電場と湿度の影響. 化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM). 2021. 52nd
  • 下畠佑太, 菅谷太輝, 庄山瑞季, 松坂修二. 紫外線照射と電場による誘電性粒子の帯電と浮揚機構の検討. 化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM). 2021. 52nd
  • 菅谷太輝, 吉岡寛展, 庄山瑞季, 松坂修二. 粒子の紫外線照射による帯電と電場中の運動解析. 化学工学会年会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM). 2020. 85th
  • 菅谷太輝, 吉岡寛展, 庄山瑞季, 松坂修二. 粒子の紫外線照射による帯電と電場中の運動制御. 化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM). 2020. 51st
Lectures and oral presentations  (17):
  • Novel continuous dispersed particle feeding and mixing using superimposed electric fields and vibration
  • Characterization and control of particles charged by various methods in electric fields
    (759. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Mesoscopic Triboelectricity-From Patches to Particles to Planets 2022)
  • Effect of external electric field and humidity on a adhesive strength distribution of particles
    (SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting (Okayama, 2021) 2021)
  • 電場を利用した流動層内粒子の帯電制御
    (化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM) 2020)
  • 粒子の紫外線照射による帯電と電場中の運動制御
    (化学工学会秋季大会研究発表講演要旨集(CD-ROM) 2020)
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Engineering (Kyoto University)
Work history (4):
  • 2022/03 - 現在 National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan Advanced Safety Research Group / Electrical Safety Research Group Research Scientist
  • 2019/04 - 2022/03 Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering Researcher
  • 2011/02 - 2013/07 Nuclear Fuel Industies, Ltd. Technology Development Department Development engineer
  • 2006/04 - 2009/03 IHI Corporation Aero Engine, Space & Defense Business Area Development engineer
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