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Tanimura Kazuya

タニムラ カズヤ | Tanimura Kazuya
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Research field  (1): Clinical pharmacy
Research keywords  (2): COPD ,  呼吸器内科
Papers (47):
  • Takashi Shimada, Shotaro Chubachi, Shiro Otake, Kaori Sakurai, Mamoru Sasaki, Hiroaki Iijima, Naoya Tanabe, Kazuya Tanimura, Kaoruko Shimizu, Toru Shirahata, et al. Differential impacts between fat mass index and fat-free mass index on patients with COPD. Respiratory medicine. 2023. 107346-107346
  • Kazuya Tanimura, Seyed Mehdi Nouraie, Divay Chandra, Toru Nyunoya. Pulmonary comorbidities in psoriasis are associated with a high risk of respiratory failure. Journal of International Medical Research. 2023
  • Susumu Sato, Toru Oga, Shigeo Muro, Kazuya Tanimura, Naoya Tanabe, Koichi Nishimura, Toyohiro Hirai. Changes in mortality among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease from the 1990s to the 2000s: a pooled analysis of two prospective cohort studies. BMJ open. 2023. 13. 3. e065896
  • Kaoruko Shimizu, Hirokazu Kimura, Naoya Tanabe, Shotaro Chubachi, Susumu Sato, Masaru Suzuki, Kazuya Tanimura, Hiroaki Iijima, Akira Oguma, Yoichi M Ito, et al. Relationships of computed tomography-based small vessel indices of the lungs with ventilation heterogeneity and high transfer coefficients in non-smokers with asthma. Frontiers in physiology. 2023. 14. 1137603-1137603
  • Kazuya Tanimura, Susumu Sato, Yukio Fujita, Yoshifumi Yamamoto, Takashi Hajiro, Nobuyuki Horita, Tomotaka Kawayama, Shigeo Muro. The efficacy and safety of additional treatment with short-acting muscarinic antagonist combined with long-acting beta-2 agonist in stable patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Chron Respir Dis. 2023. 20. 14799731231166008-14799731231166008
MISC (111):
  • 中井 昌弘, 坂口 和宏, 長 敬翁, 間瀬 史絵, 飯塚 正徳, 太田 和輝, 濱田 恵理子, 佐藤 一郎, 古山 達大, 古高 心, et al. 経気管支生検により診断し得た濾胞性リンパ腫再燃の1例. 気管支学. 2023. 45. 2. 162-162
  • 谷村 和哉. 慢性呼吸器疾患の形態機能における性差:これまでの知見と今後の課題 健常肺の形態機能と性差. 日本呼吸器学会誌. 2023. 12. 増刊. 36-36
  • 島田 嵩, 中鉢 正太郎, 大竹 史朗, 中山 真吾, 櫻井 香, 白畑 亨, 仲村 秀俊, 浅野 浩一郎, 清水 薫子, 鈴木 雅, et al. 脂肪量指数(FMI)と除脂肪量指数(FFMI)のCOPDに与える影響の差異の検討. 日本呼吸器学会誌. 2023. 12. 増刊. 149-149
  • 有馬 実咲, 宮部 耕, 田辺 直也, 進藤 充, 島 寛, 谷村 和哉, 松脇 由典, 福地 峰世, 山田 武千代, 平井 豊博, et al. 喘息 診断・諸問題 好酸球性粘液のCT値と物性に関する検討. 日本呼吸器学会誌. 2023. 12. 増刊. 200-200
  • 山本 佳史, 長 敬翁, 谷村 和哉, 太田 浩世, 田崎 正人, 藤田 幸男, 本津 茂人, 山内 基雄, 室 繁郎. 強皮症間質性肺炎に対してのニンタダニブ使用2年間の呼吸機能変化の検討. 日本呼吸器学会誌. 2023. 12. 増刊. 317-317
Lectures and oral presentations  (22):
  • 慢性呼吸器疾患の形態機能における性差:これまでの知見と今後の課題 健常肺の形態機能と性差
    (第63回日本呼吸器学会学術講演会 2023)
  • Accelerated Loss of Antigravity Muscles Is Associated with Short-Term Mortality in Patients with COPD.
    (American Thoracic Society 2020 International Conference 2020)
  • 急速な抗重力筋減少はCOPDの短期予後と関連する
    (第60回日本呼吸器学会学術講演会 2020)
  • Lower serum immunoglobulin free light chain predicts exacerbation risk in patients with COPD.
    (The 23rd Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology 2018)
  • 免疫グロブリン遊離軽鎖低値はCOPD増悪を予測する新規バイオマーカーとなる
    (第58回日本呼吸器学会学術講演会 2018)
Education (2):
  • 2012 - 2016 Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine Graduate School of Medicine
  • 2000 - 2006 Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine Department of Medical Science
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (Medicine) (Kyoto University)
Work history (9):
  • 2024/04 - 現在 Nara Medical University
  • 2022/04 - 現在 Kansai Medical University
  • 2022/04 - 2023/03 Nara Medical University Department of Respiratory Medicine Clinical Assistant Professor
  • 2020/08 - 2022/03 University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine Postdoctoral Associate
  • 2019/04 - 2020/08 Kyoto University Hospital Department of Respiratory Medicine Medical Staff
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Committee career (4):
  • 日本アレルギー学会 喘息予防・管理ガイドライン2024 システマティックレビューチーム
  • 日本呼吸器学会 喘息とCOPDのオーバーラップ(Asthma and COPD Overlap : ACO)診断と治療の手引き第2版(2023) 事務局
  • 日本呼吸器学会 COPD診療ガイドライン第7版 システマティック・レビュー委員
  • Japanese Respiratory Society COPD guideline 6th edition
Awards (2):
  • 2016/05 - American Thoracic Society ATS Abstract Scholarship Award (ATS assembly on Clinical Problems, Funded by a generous donation from the National Emphysema Foundation, Honoring Claude Lenfant, MD)
  • 2015/07 - The Obstructive Lung Disease Research Meeting Distinguished Presentation Award of the Obstructive Lung Disease Research Meeting
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