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ANDO Yoshinori

アンドウ ヨシノリ | ANDO Yoshinori
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (1):
Research field  (3): Sociology ,  Education ,  Sociology of education
Research keywords  (2): Sociology of Education ,  Sociology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Sociology of the body in modern Japan
  • Study on "Clinical Education"
  • 2004 - Study on women's universities in Japan
Papers (10):
  • ANDOH Yoshinori. Research Purpose and Precedure at Smith College in 2017 and Comments on Two Interviews: Focusing on Acceptance onf Transgender Student. Research Report. 2019. 49. 1-22
  • ANDOH Yoshinori, HASHIDUME Keiko. Strategies for Recruiting Students at Private High Schools Attached to Women's Colleges/Universities. Research Report. 2018. 48. 121-145
  • ANDOH Yoshinori. 70 Years' Progress of Women's Universities and Colleges in Japan: Focusing on Institutional Changes. Research Report. 2017. 47. 1-31
  • ANDOH Yoshinori. Trends of Women's Colleges in the U.S.(1):From 19th Century to the 1970s. Research Report. 2016. 46. 83-102
  • ANDOH Yoshinori. 20 Years' Progress of "Graduate School of Clinical Education" in Mukogawa Women's University under the Nation's Deregulation Policy. Clinical Education. 2015. 21. 1-34
MISC (38):
  • ANDO, Yoshinori., SMITH,A., SHAVER,D., NISHIO,Akiko. Conversations and Discussions over Acceptance of Transgender Woman at Smith College: Through an Interview with Ms.Smith and Ms.Shaver. Researcj Report. 2019. 49. 23-40
  • ANDO, Yoshinori.,OHOTNICKY,J..SHAW,B., NISHIO,Akiko. Efforts to Support Students at Smith College:Through an Interview with Ms.Ohotnicky and Ms.Shaw. Research Report. 2019. 49. 41-62
  • ANDOH Yoshinori, TAKAHASHI Atsuko. An Interview on Smith College with Ms. Atsuko Takahashi. Research Report. 2018. 48. 25-54
  • ANDOH Yoshinori, SMITH Audrey. An Interview on Smith College's Student Recruitment Strategy with Ms.Audrey Smith. Research Report. 2018. 48. 7-24
  • MASUDA Minoru、 ANDOH Yoshinori. An Interview on Otsuma Junior and Senior High School: An Example of School Redorms in Changing Society. Research Report. 2017. 47. 101-125
Books (6):
  • The transformation of extra-class activities in terms of class-organization
  • Academic fields and classes (in Study on classes in the University(/))
    Tamagawa University Press 1989
  • Enlightening activities of the attached school
  • Educational Problems
  • The uniform as a mode.
Education (2):
  • - 1985 Nanzan University Faculty of Literature
  • - 1991 Hiroshima University Graduate School, Division of Education
Professional career (1):
  • Master of Education
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