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SAITO Masatake

サイトウ マサタケ | SAITO Masatake
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://ir.c.chuo-u.ac.jp/researcher/profile/00010855.htmlhttp://ir.c.chuo-u.ac.jp/researcher/profile/00010855.html
Research field  (3): Educational technology ,  System engineering ,  Medical systems
Research keywords  (3): e-learning ,  Management of Technology ,  Medical Informatics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2004 - Research for MOT and IT
  • 2009 - Use of ICT toward better quality of learning
  • 2011 - Practical Study using ICT toward Healthcare Reform
MISC (6):
  • A Study for Ability of Logical Thinking at K-12 Grader's Programming Education. SHOGAKU RONSAN. 2016. 65-102
  • A Study for Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Online Courses at University: Toward Learning Contents Design for Online Courses. SHOGAKU RONSAN. 2016. 515-548
  • EBooks revolutionize the publishing industry (Part 2)̶the time comes for educational use. Journal of Japan Society for Management Information. 2010. 300-305
  • EBooks revolutionize the publishing industry (Part.1)̶with De Facto Standards war heating up. Journal of Japan Society for Management Information. 2010. 151-154
  • Tanya Zlateva, Suresh Kalathur, Robert Schudy, Anatoly Temkin, Lou Chitkushev. A Unified Approach for Designing, Developing and Evaluating Online Curricula. International Conference on Computer Science and Education In Computer Science. 2010. 70-75
Lectures and oral presentations  (65):
  • 製品開発支援システムの開発
    (日本経営工学会平成6年春季大会 1994)
  • Development of A Decision Support System for New Products
    (Industrial Engineering and Management Systems 1995 1995)
  • プロダクトライフサイクルのパターンに関する研究
    (日本経営工学会平成7年秋季大会 1995)
  • 既存製品問題分析支援システムの開発
    (日本経営工学会平成8年春季大会 1996)
  • A Study for the Pattern of A Product's Life Cycle
    (Human Aspects of Advanced Manufacturing: Agility & Hybrid Automation 1996 1996)
Education (1):
  • - 1998 Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School, Division of Science and Engineering
Work history (1):
  • 2009/04/01 - 2011/03/31 . Boston University MET/CS Visiting Faculty
Committee career (1):
  • 2013 - JIMA Editorial Committee
Association Membership(s) (5):
Japan Society for Information and Systems in Education ,  Japan Society for Infection Prevention and Control ,  Japan Association for Medical Information ,  JASMIN ,  JIMA
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