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KYO Satoru

キヨウ サトル | KYO Satoru
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.shimane-u-obgyn.jp
Research field  (1): Obstetrics and gynecology
Research keywords  (4): gynecologic tumor ,  molecular pathology ,  cellular immortalization ,  telomere and telomerase
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Analysis of telomernse activity in Gynecological tumors
  • Analysis of transcriptional regulation of human papillomavirus gene expression
  • Analysis of transuiptional regnlation of P53 expression
Papers (188):
  • Kyo S, Ishikawa N, Nakamura K, Nakayama K. The fallopian tube as origin of ovarian cancer: Change of diagnostic and preventive strategies. Cancer medicine. 2019
  • Kanasaki H, Tumurbaatar T, Tumurgan Z, Oride A, Okada H, Kyo S. Effect of relaxin-3 on Kiss-1, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, and gonadotropin subunit gene expression. Reproductive medicine and biology. 2019. 18. 4. 397-404
  • Yamashita H, Nakayama K, Ishikawa M, Ishibashi T, Nakamura K, Sawada K, Yoshimura Y, Tatsumi N, Kurose S, Minamoto T, Iida K, Razia S, Ishikawa N, Kyo S. Relationship between Microsatellite Instability, Immune Cells Infiltration, and Expression of Immune Checkpoint Molecules in Ovarian Carcinoma: Immunotherapeutic Strategies for the Future. International journal of molecular sciences. 2019. 20. 20
  • Oride A, Kanasaki H, Hara T, Kyo S. Postoperative Outcomes Following Tension-Free Vaginal Mesh Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse: A Retrospective Study. Urology journal. 2019
  • Razia S, Nakayama K, Nakamura K, Ishibashi T, Ishikawa M, Minamoto T, Iida K, Otsuki Y, Nakayama S, Ishikawa N, Kyo S. Clinicopathological and biological analysis of PIK3CA mutation and amplification in cervical carcinomas. Experimental and therapeutic medicine. 2019. 18. 3. 2278-2284
MISC (496):
  • 岡村和弥, 田中翔大, 上村朋未, 石橋恵美, 丸山光也, 荒木久寿, 荒木和美, 吉田理佳, 安藤慎司, 山本伸子, 勝部敬, 中村恩, 吉廻毅, 北垣一, 京哲. 静脈サンプリングが有用であったOvarian Leydig cell tumorの1例. IVR. 2019. 33. 4. 421
  • 山下瞳, 中山健太郎, 京哲. 悪性腫瘍の病理・遺伝子診断に基づくプレシジョンメディシン HBOC関連がんの管理と治療. 医学のあゆみ. 2019. 269. 3. 221-224
  • 折出亜希, 金崎春彦, 原友美, 京哲. 選択的静脈サンプリングが有用であった卵巣ライディッヒ細胞腫の1例. 日本内分泌学会雑誌. 2019. 95. 1. 444
  • 金崎春彦, 折出亜希, TUMURBAATAR Tuvshintugs, ZOLZAYA Tumurgan, 原友美, 京哲. アクチビン/インヒビン/フォリスタチンによる視床下部キスペプチン発現の制御について. 日本内分泌学会雑誌. 2019. 95. 1. 430
  • 折出亜希, 金崎春彦, TUMURBAATAR Tuvshintugs, TUMURGAN Zolzaya, 原友美, 京哲. アクチビン及びインヒビンの視床下部キスペプチンニューロンに対する直接作用について. 日本産科婦人科学会雑誌. 2019. 71. S.397
Education (1):
  • 1980 - 1986 University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan Faculty of Medicine
Work history (10):
  • 1986/07 - 1987/06 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine resident
  • 1987/07 - 1989/06 Osaka Prefectural Hospital resident
  • 1989/07 - 1990/06 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine research staff
  • 1990/07 - 1991/06 Osaka University Research Institute for Microbial Diseases medical staff
  • 1991/07 - 1993/09 Osaka University Research Institute for Microbial Diseases research staff
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