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Akira Kadokura

Akira Kadokura
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://polaris.nipr.ac.jp/~kadokura/
Research field  (1): Space and upper atmospheric physics
Papers (69):
  • Tanaka, Y.-M., Nishiyama, T., Kadokura, A., Ozaki, M., Miyoshi, Y., Shiokawa, K., et al. Direct comparison between magnetospheric plasma waves and polar mesosphere winter echoes in both hemispheres. Journal of Geophysical Research. 2019. 124
  • Kataoka, R., T. Nishiyama, Y. Tanaka, A. Kadokura, et al. Transient ionization of the mesosphere during auroral breakup: Arase satellite and ground-based conjugate observations at Syowa Station. Earth, Planets and Space. 2019. 71. 9
  • M. Ozaki, Y. Miyoshi, K. Shiokawa, K. Hosokawa, S. Oyama, R. Kataoka, Y. Ebihara, Y. Ogawa, Y. Kasahara, S. Yagitani, Y. Kasaba, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, S. Matsuda, Y. Katoh, M. Hikishima, S. Kurita, Y. Otsuka, R. C. Moore, Y.-M. Tanaka, M. Nosé, T. Nagatsuma, N. Nishitani, A. Kadokura, M. Connors, T. Inoue, A. Matsuoka, and I. Shinohara. Visualization of rapid electron precipitation via chorus element wave-particle interactions. Nature Cmmunications. 2019
  • Motoba, T., Ebihara, Y., Ogawa, Y., Kadokura, A., Engebretson, M. J., Angelopoulos, V., Gerrard, A. J., Weatherwax, A. T. On the driver of daytime Pc3 auroral pulsations. Geophysical Research Letters. 2019. 46
  • M. Ozaki, K. Shiokawa, Y. Miyoshi, K. Hosokawa, S. Oyama, S. Yagitani, Y. Kasahara, Y. Kasaba, S. Matsuda, R. Kataoka, Y. Ebihara, Y. Ogawa, Y. Otsuka, S. Kurita, R. C. Moore, Y.-M. Tanaka, M. Nosé, T. Nagatsuma, M. Connors, N. Nishitani, Y. Katoh, M. Hikishima, A. Kumamoto, F. Tsuchiya, A. Kadokura, T. Nishiyama, T. Inoue, K. Imamura, A. Matsuoka, and I. Shinohara. Microscopic observations of pulsating aurora associated with chorus element structures: Coordinated Arase satellite-PWING. Geophysical Research Letters. 2018. 45
Lectures and oral presentations  (99):
  • Simultaneous Observation of an Auroral Substorm at Japanese Antarctic Stations with the POLAR UVI in 2003
    (AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, California, 13-17 December 2004)
  • Unmanned magnetometer observation in the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
    (XIth IAGA workshop on geomagnetic observatory instruments, data acquisition and processing, Kakioka and Tsukuba, Japan, November 9-17 2004)
  • Unmanned magnetometer observation in the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
    (The second International Symposium on Polar Sciences of China, Beijing, China, 16-17, October 2004)
  • Conjugate observation of auroral substorm evolution
    (XXVIII SCAR Open Science Conference, Bremen, Germany, 26-28, July, 2004)
  • 南極無人磁力計ネットワーク観測
    (地球電磁気・地球惑星圏学会第116回講演会(愛媛大学) 2004)
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