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タカハシ シンイチ | TAKAHASHI Shinichi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://web.ias.tokushima-u.ac.jp/anthrolab/
Research field  (1): Cultural anthropology/Folklore
Research keywords  (2): Chinese Society ,  Folk Religion
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 1995 - Folklore Study on the Folk Ritual in Tokushima Prefecture
  • 1994 - Anthropological Study on Succession and Changes of Traditional Chinese Culture among Chinese Society in Japan
  • 1987 - Anthropological Study on Folk Religion among Chinese Society, Taiwan
  • Study on the Urban Culture, Popular culture in Japan
  • Study on the Structure and Change of Folk Culture in the Japanese Community
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MISC (39):
  • The God Has Gone by Ship : On the Changes of Symbols'Meaning in the 'Wang-Ye Festival' in Taiwan. Folk Religion. 1990. 3. 47-82
  • 'Wang-Ye' God Worship in Taiwan. Journal of Religions Studies. 1990. 63. 4. 250-251
  • Shrine Worship in a Community : The Case Study of kawame, Nagasawa District in Miyako, Iwate Prefecture. On the Structural Difference of the Character of Folk Religion in the West/East Japan. 1992. 81-88
  • Japanese Local Pilgrimage Now : The Case of 'Aizu Korori 3 Kannon' Pilgrimage. On the Structure and Change of Japanese Folk Religion. 1990. 11-17
  • Recent Trends in Taiwanese Folklore Research : Focusing on the Folk Religion Research among Chinese Society, Taiwan. Bulletin of the Folklore Society of Japan. 1992. 190,161-176
Books (23):
  • Translation : Ethnograper as a Stranger(Written by Joy Hendry)
    Cosmos and Society 1988
  • Folk Culture of Kita Ward, Tokyo, vol. 1 (jointly authored).
    Kita Ward Office, Tokyo 1992
  • Report on an Investigation of Hirosaki Sakura Festival (Jointly authored)
    Human Behavior Research Course, Faculty of Humanities, Hirosaki University 1993
  • Society and Folk Culture of Esashi Town : the Case Study of North Area (Jointly authored)
    A Society for the Study of the Folk Culture in Hokkaido 1994
  • Rituals of 'Fa-shi' and Shamanism : From the Case of 'Da-cheng' Ritual
    Shamanism and Folk Culture in East Asia 1994
Works (28):
  • Anthropological Survey on the Folk Culture in Miyako City,Iwate Prefecture
    1984 - 1987
  • Joint Research on the Folk Culture in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture
    1987 - 1994
  • Joint Research on the Folk Culture in Kita Ward, Tokyo
    1989 - 1991
  • Joint Research on the Structure and Change of Japanese Folk Religion
    1989 - 1990
  • Anthropological Survey on the Folk Religion in Aizu,Fukushima Prefecture
    1989 - 1990
Education (2):
  • - 1987 Keio University Faculty of Literature
  • - 1991 Keio University Graduate School, Division of Sociology Sociology
Professional career (1):
  • Master of Sociology (Keio University)
Work history (1):
  • 1991 - 1995 Hirosaki University, Research Assistant
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