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Matsuura Nobuo

マツウラ ノブオ | Matsuura Nobuo
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.seitoku.ac.jp/
Research field  (2): Fetal medicine/Pediatrics ,  Fetal medicine/Pediatrics
Research keywords  (3): Embryology and Newborn Medicine ,  Endocrinology and Metabolic Science ,  Pediatrics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Studies on diagnosis and pathognesis of inherited disease using molecular biology.
  • Studies on clinico-laboratory features and pathogenesis of autoimnune thyroid diseases.
  • Studies on clinico-Laboratory features and pathogenesis of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
MISC (106):
Books (5):
  • Iodine excess and thyroid autoimmunity.
    Iodine deficency in Euerope. F. Delange, JT. Dunn, D. Glinoer edited. 1993
  • Long-term growth in children with atrophic autoimmune thyroidifis.
    80years of Hashimoto disease. S. Nagataki, T. Mori, K. Torizuka edited. 1993
  • The role of TSH-receptor blocking antibodies in congenital hypothyroidism. The Thyroid Gland, Environment and Autoimmunity.
    HA Drexhage, JJM de Vijlder, WM Wiersinga edited. Excerpta Medica 1990
  • Transient hypothyroidism in infants due to maternal TSH-receptor blocking antibodies. Character of their IgG and long term prognosis of their infants. Research in congenital hypothyroidism.
    F Delange, DA Fisher, D Glinoer edited. Plenum Press 1989
  • Effect of tyrotropin receptor blocking antibodies on thyroid-stimulating activity of Graves' immunoglobulins. Frontiers in Thyroidology. Vol. 2,
    G Medeiros-Neto, E Gaitan edited. Plenum publ. Corp. 1986
Works (7):
  • Studies on newborn massscreening
    1983 - 2001
  • Genetic epidemiology of IDDM in children.
    1980 - 2001
  • Studies on mass-screening of congenital adrenal hyperplasia(CAH)
    1980 - 2001
  • Diagnosis and treatment of juvenile-onset diabeter mellitus.
    1977 - 2001
  • long-term prognosis of patients with congenital hypothyroiclism detected by newborn screening
    1977 - 2001
Education (3):
  • - 1968 Hokkaido University Graduate School, Division of Medicine
  • - 1963 Hokkaido University School of Medicine
  • - 1963 Hokkaido University Faculty of Medicine
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
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