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Orihashi Yuji

オリハシ ユウジ | Orihashi Yuji
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Research Associate
Other affiliations (1):
  • 国際基督大学  非常勤講師
Homepage URL  (1): https://scholar.google.co.jp/citations?user=zYmXiYQAAAAJ&hl=ja
Research field  (1): Solid earth science
Research keywords  (11): パタゴニア ,  LA-ICPMS ,  ジルコン ,  ウランー鉛年代 ,  放射年代学 ,  同位体地球化学 ,  火山 ,  マグマ ,  火成岩岩石学 ,  岩石・鉱物・鉱床学 ,  地球化学
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (22):
  • 2021 - 2025 Environmental changes during the Latest Cretaceous Mass Extinction Event recorded in the complete K/Pg boundary sequence discovered firstly in East Asia
  • 2020 - 2023 An overview of the Miocene tectonics in the Southwest Japan Arc from radiometric dating
  • 2018 - 2020 U-Pb年代測定用の標準試料を自由自在に合成する:地球年代学の飛躍的発展への寄与
  • 2017 - 2020 High resolution age model and paleoenvironmental change for K/Pg boundary
  • 2016 - 2020 中期中新世の南海トラフ縁辺域復元
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Papers (122):
  • Pablo Grosse, Silvina R. Guzmán, François Nauret, Yuji Orihashi, Hirochika Sumino. Central vs. lateral growth and evolution of the < 100 ka Peinado composite volcano, southern Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. 2022. 425. 107532-107532
  • Shinjoe Hironao, Orihashi Yuji. Zircon U-Pb age of the acidic tuff from the Miocene Kuma Group, western Shikoku. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. 2021. 127. 10. 595-603
  • Lucia Villar-Munoz, Masataka Kinoshita, Joaquim P. Bento, Ivan Vargas-Cordero, Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Umberta Tinivella, Michela Giustiniani, Natsue Abe, Ryo Anma, Yuji Orihashi, et al. A cold seep triggered by a hot ridge subduction. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS. 2021. 11. 1
  • Taguchi Haruna, Orihashi Yuji, Sasaki Minoru, Miyajima Yusuke, Iwano Hideki, Hirata Takafumi. Determination of highly precise and accurate eruptive age of Obirakiyama Tuff, ejecta from Yunosawa Caldera, southern Aomori Prefecture:: Its zircon U-Pb and fission-track double dating. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. 2021. 127. 9. 545-561
  • Aikawa Yuki, Orihashi Yuji, Sasaki Minoru, Nakao Kaishi, Takaku Yuichi. Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb age of the main eruptives (Nijikai Tuff) constituting the Ikarigaseki Caldera, southern Aomori Prefecture. The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan. 2021. 127. 7. 431-436
MISC (28):
  • 新正 裕尚, 折橋 裕二. Magmatism due to subduction of young oceanic plate from the viewpoint of their whole rock boron content : Examples from Andean arc and Miocene southwest Japan arc. 月刊地球 = Chikyu monthly : カラー版. 2018. 40. 5. 272-279
  • 新正 裕尚, 折橋 裕二, 角井 朝昭. Whole rock composition of felsic member of the Setouchi Volcanic Rocks in Sanuki plain. 東京経済大学人文自然科学論集. 2016. 139. 21-31
  • 新正 裕尚, 折橋 裕二, 外西 奈津美. Whole rock composition of the Ohno volcanic rocks in Eastern Kyushu (supplement). 東京経済大学人文自然科学論集. 2016. 138. 91-98
  • Orihashi Yuji, Ichihara Mie, Anma Ryo, Shinjoe Hironao, Toyama Chiaki, Sumino Hirochika, A. Naranjo Jose, Mibe Kenji, Nakai Shun'ichi. Variation of volcanic activity in Southern Volcanic Zone, Southern Chile and petrogenesis of its volcanic rocks: Constraint from subduction of fracture zones. Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan. 2016. 63. 0
  • 新正 裕尚, 折橋 裕二, ナランホ A. ホセ, 平田 大二, 長谷中 利昭, 福岡 孝昭, 佐野 貴司, 安間 了. ホウ素含有量から見た南米アンデス弧、Southern Volcanic Zoneの第四紀フロント火山のスラブ由来成分(<特集>火山・マグマ学における放射化分析). 放射化分析. 2014. 30. 10-14
Lectures and oral presentations  (107):
  • Hf and W fractionation calculation between liquid metal and liquid silicate and resultant core-mantle interaction signature on the 182W isotope of the Ethiopian basalts
    (Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 2021)
  • Osmium isotope stratigraphy age and elemental composition of ferromanganese crusts from Iwaki seamount
    (Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 2021)
  • Timing of the Tokoshinai debris avalanche deposit, northeastern foot of Iwaki volcano: Constraints from its whole rock chemical compositions and K-Ar ages
    (Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 2021)
  • U-Pb age and bulk chemistry of the Early Cretaceous plutonic rocks distributed in Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori prefecture: Characteristics of the Cretaceous fore-arc volcanism
    (Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 2021)
  • Reexamination of stratigraphy for the Neogene Hinokigawa Formation, western Shimokita Peninsula, Aomori Prefecture, Japan and Hotokegaura Caldera newly defined
    (Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 2021)
Education (1):
  • 1994 - 1997 Hokkaido University
Professional career (1):
  • 北海道大学 (博士(理学))
Work history (4):
  • 2018/04 - 現在 Hirosaki University Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • 2007/04 - 2018/03 The University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute
  • 1999/06 - 2007/03 The University of Tokyo Earthquake Research Institute
  • 1997/10 - 1999/06 Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Awards (3):
  • 2021/09 - 日本地球化学会 Geochemical Journal 賞
  • 2017/05 - 日本質量分析学会 論文賞
  • 2015/09 - 日本地質学会 論文賞
Association Membership(s) (5):
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