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Yujiro Yamanaka

Yujiro Yamanaka
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://yamanaka-lab.wix.com/chronobiology
Research field  (3): Environmental physiology (including physical medicine and nutritional physiology) ,  Sports science ,  スポーツ科学
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2009 - 2010 Acceleration mechanism of re-entrainment of circadian rhythms by physical exercise in mammals
Papers (17):
  • Arisa Sato, Yoshinori Ohtsuka, Yujiro Yamanaka. Morning Mastication Enhances Postprandial Glucose Metabolism in Healthy Young Subjects. Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2019. 249. 3. 193-201
  • Yamanaka Y, Yamada Y, Honma KI, Honma S. Cryptochrome deficiency enhances transcription but reduces protein levels of pineal Aanat. Journal of molecular endocrinology. 2018. 61. 4. 219-229
  • Yamanaka Y, Motoshima H, Uchida K. Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis differentially responses to morning and evening psychological stress in healthy subjects. Neuropsychopharmacology reports. 2019. 39. 1. 41-47
  • Yamanaka Y, Honma S, Honma KI. Two Coupled Circadian Oscillators Are Involved in Nonphotic Acceleration of Reentrainment to Shifted Light Cycles in Mice. Journal of biological rhythms. 2018. 33. 6. 748730418796300-625
  • Yamanaka Y, Waterhouse J. Phase-adjustment of human circadian rhythms by light and physical exercise. The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine. 2016. 5. 4. 287-299
MISC (10):
Lectures and oral presentations  (83):
  • 体位変化に対する心血管系自律神経機能の加齢現象~起立時超早期脈拍変動による検討,新たな健常値の提言~
    (第57回日本自律神経学会総会 2004)
  • 生体リズムと体温
    (体温調節温度受容研究会 2005)
  • Effects of exercise for circadian rhythm
    (World Federation of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Society 2005 2005)
  • 身体運動に対するヒト生物時計の位相反応性~位相反応曲線におけるCross over pointの同定~
    (第2回環境生理学プレコングレス 2006)
  • Non-photic entrainment to scheduled 3-h wheel running in the mouse circadian rhythm
    (第83回日本生理学会 2006)
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