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Otoyama Wakaho

Otoyama Wakaho
Research field  (1): Early childhood education and childcare
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (8):
  • 2020 - 2023 The analysis of network in the brain for establishment to artistic expression as a developmental-support-program
  • 2016 - 2020 保育・教育における省察力と課題解決力の育成のためのAIアプローチの検討
  • 2014 - 2018 A study on developing an educational program and its evaluation of the effect to encourage fathers' participation in childcare
  • 2013 - 2017 A Study About Problems of Early Child Education Under The Circumstance of Limited Activity By The Radiation Hazard.
  • 2013 - 2017 Considering the Development and Evaluation Methods of In-house Training Suited to the Training Needs of Child Care Workers in the Disaster Areas
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Papers (62):
  • Effect of a Dialogue Approach on Cooperativity in Post-Practice Guidance for Nursery Teacher Education. 2019. 43. 35-50
  • ONOZAWA Sayaka, KAKEGAWA Takeshi, OTOYAMA Wakaho. A Study of Peer Support Activities among Junior High School Students by Utilizing Orienteering. 2017. 34. 167-176
  • OTOYAMA Wakaho, KAKEGAWA Takeshi. A trial of psychoeducational group leadership training(7)The relationship between training program for nursing clinical practicum instructors and their belief in cooperation. 2017. 66. 221-230
  • Otoyama Wakaho, Tonegawa Tomoko, Miura Kimihiro. Review and Issues of Research on Dialogue Approach for Education and Nursery. 2015. 32. 227-237
  • 上村 裕樹, 利根川 智子, 三浦 主博, 井上 孝之, 織田 栄子, 音山 若穂. PB046 保育者養成における学生の省察力と批判的思考態度との関連(測定・評価・研究法,ポスター発表B). 日本教育心理学会総会発表論文集. 2015. 57. 238-238
MISC (43):
  • OSHIMA Mizuki, OKAMOTO Rieko, OTOYAMA Wakaho, KAKEGAWA Takeshi. Creative lesson of Living Environment Study to enhancing children's awareness. 2018. 35. 317-325
  • A class practice report : Post-practice guidance for nursery teacher education through dialogue : Reflecting on nursing training and perceiving challenges through "AI mini interviews". 2017. 41. 187-199
  • About the Practical Use and the Effect of the Group Approach in the "Teaching-Procession Practical Seminar"(2)The Use of the "AI Mini-Interview" Interactive Approach. 2017. 45. 27-36
  • A Study of evaluation scale for dialogue approach : An analysis of world cafe. 2015. 25. 61-70
  • The Post-Guidance for Nursery Practice in Nursery Teacher Education through a Dialogue Approach : The Reflection through "AI Mini Interview". 2015. 46. 151-157
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