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Masami Sakai

Masami Sakai
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Geometry
Papers (26):
Books (1):
  • The Combinatorics of Open Covers
Lectures and oral presentations  (8):
  • The Menger property of Cp(X,2) and related matters
    (International Conference "Topological Algebra and Set-Theoretic Topology" 2018)
  • Remarks on the Menger property of Cp(X,2)
    (International Conference on Frontiers of Selection Principles 2017)
  • Notes on strongly Whyburn spaces
    (2014 International conference of Honam Mathematical Society 2014)
  • Tight points of a Pixley-Roy Hyperspace
    (International conference on Topology and Geometry 2013 joint with the Sixth Japan-Mexico Topology Symposium 2013)
  • The weak Hurewicz property of Pixley-Roy hyperspaces
    (IV Workshop on Coverings, Selections and Games in Topology 2012)
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