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Affiliation and department:
MISC (3):
  • ◎Sumiko Miyafusa, Misuzu Takami, Emiko Takano. How Studying Abroad Program Affects BLIP (Boston Long-term Intensive Program) Students' Awareness and Attitudes. 2016. 906. 54-69
  • Japanese University Students' Production of the English Motion Verbs COME and GO in a Learner's Corpus. Gakuen. 2012. 858. 25-36
  • The Interpersonal Function in Conversations. 1991
Books (1):
  • Use of Conjunctive Expressions in English Essays by Japanese University Students
Lectures and oral presentations  (18):
  • 読解指導と読解ストラテジーに関する意識の研究
    (昭和女子大学英米文学研究会 2004)
  • Teacher and Learner Reading Strategies Beliefs and Teacher Classroom Behaviour No. 1
    (The Fifth Pan-Asian Conference on Language Teaching at FEELTA 2004)
  • Teacher and Learner Reading Strategy Beliefs and Teacher Classroom Behaviors No. 2
    (The Second Asia TEFL International Conference 2004)
  • The Nature of Reading Classes in Japanese High Schools
    (Harste-Burke Retirement Conference "Researching and Teaching in These Critical Times" 2005)
  • Task-Based Approach to Teaching Reading
    (The Third Asia TEFL International Conference 2005)
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