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Miyamoto Futoshi

Miyamoto Futoshi
Papers (42):
  • Kei Iwata, Futoshi Miyamoto. Studies on Ecological Conservation of Hemerocallis citrina Baroni var. vespertina (Hara ) M. Hotta in the Semi-Natural Grasslands on Karuizawa. Bulletin of the Karuizawa Botanical Garden. 2018. 2. 1. 40-60
  • M. Obuchi, Y. Mitsui, F. Miyamoto. Seed Germination Traits of a Threatened Plant, Eunoymus oligospermus Ohwi. Journal of Agriculture Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture. 2016. 61. 3. 93-99
  • F. Miyamoto. A Systematic Revision of Juncus (Juncaceae) in the Sino-Himalaya region. University Museum, University of Tokyo, Bulletin (in press). 2014. 45. 1-154
  • K. Arai, F. Miyamoto. Flora of Vascular Plants and Conservational Manegiment of Semi-natural Grasslands in Karuizawaa, Nagano Prefecture. Bulletin of the Karuizawa Botanical Garden. 2014. 1. 1. 1-58
  • F. Miyamoto, M. Kuabara. Phenology and Habitat of the Spring Ephemeral Herb, Anemone flaccida F. Schm. (Ranunculaceae) on the Atsugi Campus, Tokyo University of Agriculture. Journal of Agriculture Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture. 2009. 54. 3. 175-181
MISC (6):
  • H. Ikeda. Japan-Nepal botanical Expedition ot the Upper Mustang, Central Nepal in 2002. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 32. 2003
  • S. Akiyama, K. Yonekura, T. Kurosawa, H. Ohba. New Records and Treatments of Nepalese Flowering Plants (2). Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 30. 2002
  • H. Ikeda. Field Research in the Sino-Japanese-American expedition to southeast Tibet, 2000. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 28. 2001
  • H. Ikeda. 1997 Btanical Research in the Hengduan Mountains, SW China. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 23. 1998
  • H. Ikeda. A Botanical Research Hengduan Mountains,SW China, in1996. Newsletter of Himalayan Botany 20. 1996
Books (5):
  • Flora of Japan Volum IVb Angiospermae Monocotyledoneae(b) (共著)
    講談社 2016 ISBN:9784061546080
  • Wild Flowers of Japan Cyacadaceae - Cyperaceae
    Heibonsha 2015
  • Red Data Plants New Edition
    Yamakei 2015
  • A Guide to Bio-Therapy
    Kodansha 2012 ISBN:9784061537378
  • Flora of the World 7. Juncaceae, Juncus, subg. Juncus
    National Library of Australia 2002
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • 軽井沢の再生半自然草地におけるキキョウの管理と鹿の採食による生育動態
    (日本植物学会第83回大会 2019)
  • 半自然草地に生育する不思議な植物タヌキマメ
    (日本植物学会第83回大会 2019)
  • 半自然草原を生き抜くヒゴビャクゼンの生態特性
    (日本植物学会第83回大会 2019)
  • タカネコウリンギクの保全生態学的研究
    (日本植物学会第81回大会 2017)
  • 種子休眠からの目覚め アンドンマユミに求める条件とは?
    (日本植物学会第78回大会 2015)
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