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スギヤマ シゲル | SUGIYAMA Shigeru
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (1): History - Europe/America
Research keywords  (3): Pacific-rim studies ,  American nationalism ,  U. S. -Latin American Relations,Study on U.S. nationalism, History of Pacific-Rim relations
Papers (1):
  • 杉山茂. William J. Bryan's Nicaraguan Policy. Shirin. 1989. 72. 1. 76-105
Books (2):
  • Tangled memories : the Vietnam War, the AIDS epidemic, and the politics of remembering
    Mirai-sha 2004
  • Reluctant Neighbors: U.S.-Mexican Relations and the Failure of Cardenista Reforms, 1934-1948." Ph.D. Dissertation. University of California, Santa Barbara, December 1996.
    University Microfilm International No. 97-17399 1996
Education (4):
  • - 1996 University of Califonia Santa Barbara Graduate School, Division of History and Anthropology U.S. Modern History
  • - 1991 Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Letters Contemporary History
  • - 1983 Kyoto University Faculty of Letters
  • - 1983 Kyoto University Faculty of Literature Department of Contemporary History
Professional career (2):
  • Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • M.A. (Kyoto University)
Association Membership(s) (9):
Asociacion Japonesa de Estudios Latinoamericanos ,  Japan's Association of American Studies ,  The Japan Association of International Relations ,  Society for Historians of Amerian Foreign Relations ,  The Japanese Association for American History ,  Organization of American Historians ,  Asociaci?n Japonesa de Estudios Latinoamericanos ,  The Historical Science Society of Japan ,  Japan Oral History Association
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