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Ikemoto Yoshinori

Ikemoto Yoshinori
Research keywords  (5): Towing Tank Test ,  Automatic Control ,  Experimental Engineering ,  Wave Height Measurement ,  Measurement Engineering
Papers (1):
  • IKEMOTO Yoshinori, KIRIYA Nobuo. Vessel Recognition Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. Transactions of Visualization Society of Japan. 2005. 25. 1. 425-426
MISC (11):
  • Development and Evaluation of a New Measurement System for Ship Hull-Side Wave Profiles using Electro-Conductive Paint(Summaries of Papers published by Staff of National Maritime Research Institute at Outside Organizations) :. 2012. 12. 2. 139-139
  • 池本 義範, 牧野 雅彦, 濱田 達也, 後藤 英信, 星野 邦弘. 導電性塗料を用いた船側波形計測法の開発(所外発表論文等概要). 海上技術安全研究所報告. 2012. 11. 4. 446-446
  • TAGUCHI Harukuni, IKEMOTO Yoshinori. An Analysis of the Capsizing Accident of a Small Fishing Boat(<Special Edition>Safety of Maritime at Present). 2010. 10. 2. 193-197
  • 星野 邦弘, 原 正一, 池本 義範, 黒田 貴子. 離着岸操船支援システムのための着桟速度計の開発と評価試験(所外発表論文等概要). 海上技術安全研究所報告. 2008. 8. 1. 109-109
  • IKEMOTO Yoshinori, HOSHINO Kunihiro. C-2-115 Development of Millimeter Wave Radar System for Berthing Operation Support and Ocean Wave Observation. Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference. 2007. 148-148
Patents (4):
  • Wave heignt measurement device and floating structure equipped with the measurement device
  • 波浪計測装置、波浪計測情報伝達システム、及び浮体
  • 液面計測システム、船舶
  • 救命艇装置
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