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EBINA Kuniyoshi

エビナ クニヨシ | EBINA Kuniyoshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Research Fellow
Papers (65):
  • KANO Kei, KUDO Mitsuru, YOSHIZAWA Go, MIZUMACHI Eri, SUGA Makiko, AKYA Naonori, EBINA Kuniyoshi, GOTO Takayuki, ITOH Masayuki, JOH Ayami, MAENAMI Haruhiko, MINAMOTO Toshifumi, MORI Mikihiko, MORIMURA Yoshitaka, MOTOKI Tamaki, NAKAYAMA Akie, TAKANASHI Katsuya. How science, technology and innovation can be placed in broader visions? -Public opinions from inclusive public engagement activities-. Journal of Science Communication. 2019. 18. 3. A02
  • MURANAKA YASUKO, MAIYA KIYOSHI, TANI ATSUSHI, ITOH MASAYUKI, EBINA KUNIYOSHI. Follow-up Study of ROOT Program: Growth of High School Students in Basic Stage and Practical Stage. 大学教育研究. 2019. 27. 139-158
  • Yudai YAMAMOTO, Ichiro TAYASU, Takanori NAKANO, Shiho YABUSAKI, Tadashi YOKOYAMA, Hiromune MITSUHASHI, Ken’ichi OHKUSHI, ITOH MASAYUKI, Kuniyoshi EBINA. Characteristics of stable isotopes in stream water at the Chikusa River, Hyogo Prefecture, in 2015. 神戸大学大学院人間発達環境学研究科紀要. 2017. 11. 1. 105-109
  • K. Yoshinari, TANAKA SHIGENORI, K. Ebina. An Effective Microscopic Index Associated with Cell Survival and DNA Lesions for Estimating Radiation Risk. J. Environ. Health Sci. 2017. 3. 1. 1-5
  • MINAMOTO Toshifumi, ITOH Masayuki, EBINA Kuniyoshi. Supporting research activities of high school students using environmental DNA analysis. 日本科学教育学会研究会研究報告. 2016. 30. 2. 21-24
MISC (13):
  • OSAKAI, Toshiyuki, EBINA, Kuniyoshi. Ion solvation: Near-by interactions. ぶんせき. 1998. 1998年8月号, 589p-596p
  • EBINA, Kuniyoshi. Understanding the basics of multimedia. 新緑会雑誌. 1997. 13, 95p-99p
  • NOGAMI, ASADA, EBINA, OKAMURA, TANAKA, HIKIDA, ITOH, OKABE, TAJITSU, ODA. Inter-school information network and a new type of cooperation between schools. 人間科学研究. 1997. 5-1, 77p-103p
  • EBINA, Kuniyoshi. Network: Utilization and infrastructure. ぶんせき. 1996. 10, 801p-805p
  • NAGAOKA, Keizo, EBINA, Kuniyoshi. Multimedia question delivering ans answering system designed for new method of assessment. 平成7年度科学研究費補助金(一般研究C)研究成果報告書. 1996. , 全84p
Books (8):
  • New Condensed Matter Physics
    共立出版 1989
  • Introduction to Physics Laboratory
    神戸大学教養部物理学教室 1992
  • Mandl Quantum Mechanics
    丸善 1998
  • Liquid Interfaces in Chemical,Biological,and Pharmaceutical Applications
    Marcel Dekker 2001
  • Environmental Physics
    裳華房 2004
Lectures and oral presentations  (50):
  • Effects of the Coulomb interaction on the transport in quantum dots
    (1994 Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Statistical Physics 1994)
  • Nonlinear time series analysis for spatial learning abilities of mice
    (The 4th International Conference on Biological Physics, ICBP2001 2001)
  • Correlation between primitive cytoskeletons: Essential physical ingredients of linear objects in the biological cell.
    (The 4th International Conference on Biological Physics, ICBP2001 2001)
  • Multiple-boundary-condition method for a Monte Carlo simulation of classical spin systems
    (The 8th International Worksholp on Similarity in Diversity, University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA 2002)
  • Perspectives in education and research of environmental physics
    (The Ninth Asia Pacific Physics Conference (9th APPC) 2004)
Professional career (1):
  • PhD Eng. (Osaka Univeristy)
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