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ITOH Takashi

イトウ タカシ | ITOH Takashi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (3): Civil engineering project/Traffic engineering ,  Civil and environmental engineering ,  Town planning/Architectural planning
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Research for the Conservation of Historic Monuments -Bhutan-
  • Study on the Design Elements of the Civil Engineering Structures
  • Study on the History of the Modern Civil Engineering
MISC (57):
  • ITOH Takashi. The History of the Important Cultural Property Koukan Bridge and its Sourounding Plan-Bridge Space of Yanai-ze. 2001
  • ITOH Takashi. Bridge Building Process based on Annual Statistical Report(1876〜1923)in Tokyo. 2001
  • ITOH Takashi. Water Wheel at Minowa Town, Nagano. 2001
  • ITOH Takashi. The Preservation and Use of Old Japanese House at Local City-The Case Study of Obara Family and Others at Minowa Town in Nagano. 2001
  • ITOH Takashi. Historical Remains and Sites of Modern Civil Engineering Structures focused on Power Plants-Evaluation of 16 Power Plants still Working and How to Research 15 Abandoned Power Plants. 2001
Books (2):
  • Kohjien
    Iwanami bookseller 1998
  • Iwanami's Dicitonary on Japanese History
    Iwanami Pub. 1999
Lectures and oral presentations  (29):
  • '世界の屋根付き橋, 日本大学理工学部オープンキャンパス「ミニ講義」'
    (日本大学理工学部 1999)
  • 景観条例に基づく都市景観行政の実態に関する研究......東京都千代田区を対象として(連名)
    (平成11年度/第43回 日本大学理工学部学術講演会 講演概要集・日本大学理工学部/日本大学理工学部理工学研究所 1999)
  • '渡る・集う・住む......居住橋の不思議, リビング・ブリッジ'
    (郡山市立美術館、リビング・ブリッジ日本展実行委員会、ロイヤル・アカデミー・オブ・アーツ・ロンドン 1999)
  • '街道の近代, 埼玉県文化財講習会'
    (埼玉県文化財課 1999)
  • '土木遺産の保存と風格あるまちづくり, 第3回クリエイテイブセミナー'
    (新潟県土木部 1999)
Association Membership(s) (4):
Japan Industrial Archaeology Society ,  Architectural Institute of Japan ,  City Planning Institute of Japan ,  Japan Society of Civil Engineers
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