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Umemura Hiroshi

ウメムラ ヒロシ | Umemura Hiroshi
Research field  (1): Algebra
Research keywords  (7): Dynamical Systems. ,  General difference Galois Theory ,  General differential Galois Theory ,  Painleve equations ,  Algebraic Lie pseudo-groups ,  Algebraic Groups ,  Algebraic Geometry
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • Structure of Painlev(]J1117[) Equations
  • Differential Galois Theory
MISC (13):
  • Galois theory and Painleve equations, in Theories asymptotiques et equations de Painleve. Seminaire et Congres, Mathematical Society of France. 2006. 14. 299-339
  • Invitation to Galois Theory, Andrey, A. Bolybrukh Memorial Volume. IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, European Mathematical Society. 2005. 9. 269-289
  • Monodromy preserving deformation and differential Galois group. I. Analyse complexe, syste`mes dynamiques, sommabilite ́ des se ́ries divergentes et the ́ories galoisiennes. Asterisque, Soceite mathematique de France. 2004. 269. 253-269
  • H Umemura. Differential Galois theory of infinite dimension. NAGOYA MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL. 1996. 144. 59-135
  • Galois theory of algebraic and differential equations Nagoya Math. J. 144 (1996), 1--58. Nagoya Math. J. 1996. 144. 1-58
Books (5):
  • On the irreducibility of the first differential equation of Painleve
    KinokuniyaKinokuniya 1988
  • Algebro-geometric proflems arising from Painleve's works
    KinokuniyaKinokuniya 1986
  • On the maximal connected algebrair subgroups of the Cremona group II
    KinokuniyaKinokuniya 1985
  • Resolution of algebraic equations by theta constants
    BirkhaeuserBirkhaeuser 1984
  • Minimal rational threefolds
    Springer-VerlagSpringer-Verlag 1983
Work history (1):
  • Nagoya University Graduate School of Mathematics, Polymathematics, Graduate School of Mathematics Mathematics Professor
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