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Kinoshita Hidefumi

キノシタ ヒデフミ | Kinoshita Hidefumi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://home.e-catv.ne.jp/en_com_st/index.html
Research keywords  (1): English Linguistics Pragmatics Sociolinguistics
MISC (5):
  • On Usability of Cross-Cultural Dialogues in TEFL Curricula. The Faculty of Law and Letters, Ehime UniversityTHE BULLETIN OF THE FACULTY OF LAW AND LETTERS (HUMANITIES). 2004. 17. 113-130
  • High Context Communication and Stereotypes -- An Analysis of Japanese Americans' Communicative Styles --. 2001. 11. 121-137
  • On Metalingnistic Functions of Vocatives. The Faculty of General Education, Ehime UniversityMemoirs of the Faculty of General Education, Ehime University. 1993. 26. 37-49
  • The Usability of Dramatic Conversation for Conversation Analysis : Artificial Aspects of Vocative Use in Drama. The Kwansai English and American Literary Society of JapanKWANSAI REVIEW. 1989. 9. 99-112
  • The Dance Song Cycle at Tanokami Festival in Gero. Kansai University of Foreign StudiesThe Journal of Intercultural Studies. 1987. 14. 1-32
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