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Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • カーボンナノ材料の構造解析や電子状態測定を通して新規特性発現機構の理解や応用展開を図る
Papers (77):
  • Yong-Il Ko, Yu-Mi Ha, Takuya Hayashi, Yoong Ahm Kim, Cheol-Min Yang, Jaewoo Kim, Morinobu Endo, Yong Chae Jung. Flexible Transparent Conducting Films Composed of Photochemically Oxidized Thin Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY. 2016. 16. 11. 11980-11985
  • Cheon-Soo Kang, Kazunori Fujisawa, Yong-Il Ko, Hiroyuki Muramatsu, Takuya Hayashi, Morinobu Endo, Hee Jou Kim, Daun Lim, Jin Hee Kim, Yong Chae Jung, et al. Linear carbon chains inside multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Growth mechanism, thermal stability and electrical properties. CARBON. 2016. 107. 217-224
  • Hisao Haniu, Yoshikazu Matsuda, Kenji Takeuchi, Yoong Ahm Kim, Takuya Hayashi, Morinobu Endo. Proteomics-based safety evaluation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes. TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY. 2010. 242. 3. 256-262
  • Tsutomu Mizuno, Shigemi Enoki, Toshiaki Hayashi, Takashi Asahina, Hiroki Shinagawa. Extending the linearity range of eddy-current displacement sensor with magnetoplated wire. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS. 2007. 43. 2. 543-548
  • Y. A. Kim, S. Kamio, T. Tajiri, T. Hayashi, S. M. Song, M. Endo, M. Terrones, M. S. Dresselhaus. Enhanced thermal conductivity of carbon fiber/phenolic resin composites by the introduction of carbon nanotubes. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS. 2007. 90. 9. -
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