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Hayashidani Yoshihiro

ハヤシダニ ヨシヒロ | Hayashidani Yoshihiro
Research field  (2): Control and systems engineering ,  Control and systems engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • Constructing Account-system computer
  • Typing board made with LOTUS-123 Macro
  • On application programs which are simple, instant and direct to be used as Procedure Manuals
MISC (8):
  • Assembler-Simulator suited for User-modification. Japanese Society for Imformation and Systems in Education. 1999. 391-394
  • Frequency-distribution diagram made by Spread-sheet macro language. Journal of the educational Application of information Technologies. 1998. 34-35
  • Exercising-game For keyboard typing,made with a spread-sheet Macro language. Japan lndustrial Management Asao-ciation:Autunmd Report. 1995. 226-227
  • User-oriented activity around utility tools. "MT, DASD, DB2 etc. compared for their usability and effectivity". Japan IBM : AS users club annual report. 1993
  • User-oriented activity around utility tools. "Needs and Seeds leads tools". Japan IBM : AS Users club annual report. 1992
Education (1):
  • - 1963 Hiroshima University Faculty of Political Science and Economics
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