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Kato Kentaro

カトウ ケンタロウ | Kato Kentaro
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Research field  (2): Functional biochemistry ,  Parasitology
Research keywords  (1): Parasitology Glycobiology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • -
Papers (27):
  • Yoshinori Mitsui, Mitsumasa Miura, Kentaro Kato. In vitro effects of febrifugine on Schistosoma mansoni adult worms. Tropical Medicine and Health. 2020. 48. 1. 42
  • de Las Rivas M, Paul Daniel EJ, Narimatsu Y, Compañón I, Kato K, Hermosilla P, Thureau A, Ceballos-Laita L, Coelho H, Bernadó P, Marcelo F, Hansen L, Maeda R, Lostao A, Corzana F, Clausen H, Gerken TA, Hurtado-Guerrero R. Molecular basis for fibroblast growth factor 23 O-glycosylation by GalNAc-T3. Nature Chemical Biology. 2020. 16. 3. 351-360
  • Mitsui Y, Kato K. Application of Non-Fluorescent Dyes to Assess the Antischistosomal Effect of Antimalarial Drugs on Schistosoma mansoni Adult Worms. Japanese journal of infectious diseases. 2018. 71. 5. 382-387
  • Shimazaki T, Taniguchi T, Saludar NRD, Gustilo LM, Kato T, Furumoto A, Kato K, Saito N, Go WS, Tria ES, Salva EP, Dimaano EM, Parry C, Ariyoshi K, Villarama JB, Suzuki M. Bacterial co-infection and early mortality among pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Manila, The Philippines. The international journal of tuberculosis and lung disease : the official journal of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. 2018. 22. 1. 65-72
  • Kentaro Kato, Takashi Makiuchi, Xunjia Cheng, Hiroshi Tachibana. Comparison of hemolytic activity of the intermediate subunit of Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar lectins. PLOS ONE. 2017. 12. 7. e0181864
MISC (5):
  • Takeuchi Hideyuki, Kato Kentaro, Waki Michihiko, Usami Katsuaki, Clausen Henrik, Irimura Tatsuro. Regulation of O-glycosylation on mucins in murine colon carcinoma cells with differential experimental metastatic ability. Japan Journal of Molecular Tumor Marker Research. 2006. 21. 31-32
  • H Takeuchi, K Usami, M Waki, H Wandall, K Kato, H Clausen, T Irimura. Regulation of density of O-glycans on MUC2 mucin by polypeptide Galnac-transferases expressed in colon carcinoma cells. GLYCOBIOLOGY. 2004. 14. 11. 1163-1163
  • H Takeuchi, K Kato, M Waki, H Wandall, H Hassan, H Clausen, T Irimura. Recognition of O-glycan clusters synthesized enzymatically on mucin by lectins. GLYCOBIOLOGY. 2003. 13. 11. 890-890
  • Kentaro Kato, Tatsuro Irimura. Initiation of mucin glycosylation. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. 2003. 48. 8. 997-1001
  • H Takeuchi, K Kato, H Hassan, H Clausen, T Irimura. O-Glycosylation of a cluster of three consecutive threonines: distinct specificity of UDP-N-acetyl-D-galactosamine: polypeptide N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase isoforms. GLYCOBIOLOGY. 2000. 10. 10. 1098-1098
Books (1):
  • Principles of Immunopharmacology
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • A comparative study on glycosylation patterns of mucus glycoproteins among three mouse strains
  • A comparative study on glycosylation patterns of mucus glycoprotein among three mouse strains
  • Role of Polypeptide GalNAc-transferase T3 in FGF23 secretion
  • Death-receptor O-glycosylation by GalNAc-T14 appear to control tumor-cell sensitivity to the proapoptotic ligand Apo2L/TRAIL
  • Role of Polypeptide GalNAc-transferase T3 in FGF23 secretion
Education (1):
  • 1993 - 1997 Hokkaido University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Work history (5):
  • 2019/04 - 現在 Nagasaki University Assistant Prof.
  • 2017/03 - 現在 Nagasaki University Assistant Prof.
  • 2019/05 - 2019/07 University of Copenhagen Visiting Researcher
  • 2010/04 - 2017/02 Nagasaki University
  • 2005/04 - 2008/03 Copenhagen University Post-doctoral fellow
Association Membership(s) (1):
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