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コミナト ヨシヒコ | KOMINATO Yosihiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Legal medicine
Research keywords  (1): 必須項目の入力がありません
Papers (97):
  • Hayakawa A, Sano R, Takahashi Y, Kubo R, Harada M, Omata M, Yokohama A, Handa H, Tsukada J, Takeshita H, Tsuneyama H, Ogasawara K, Kominato Y. RUNX1 mutation in a patient with myelodysplastic syndrome and decreased erythrocyte expression of blood group A antigen. Transfusion. 2020. 60. 184-196
  • Kominato Y, Ogasawara K. Is Bm5.8 specific to the Japanese population?. Vox Sanguinis. 2019. 114. 2. 185-185
  • Takahashi Y, Kubo R, Sano R, Kuninaka H, Murayama M, Hayakawa A, Kominato Y. DNA methylation of the NR3C1 promoter region in brains of pediatric victims of physical abuse. Neurocase. 2018. 24. 5-6. 269-275
  • Hayakawa A, Sano R, Takei H, Takahashi Y, Kubo R, Tokue H, Hirasawa S, Shimada T, Awata S, Yuasa M, Uetake S, Akuzawa H, Kominato Y. Tattoo image composed of radiopaque deposits demonstrated by postmortem computed tomography. Legal medicine (Tokyo, Japan). 2018. 35. 9-11
  • Sano R, Takahashi Y, Hayakawa A, Murayama M, Kubo R, Hirasawa S, Tokue H, Shimada T, Awata S, Takei H, Yuasa M, Uetake S, Akuzawa H, Kominato Y. Use of postmortem computed tomography to retrieve small metal fragments derived from a weapon in the bodies of victims in two homicide cases. Legal medicine (Tokyo, Japan). 2018. 32. 87-89
MISC (95):
Books (2):
  • Alcohol Metabolism and Liver.
  • Laboratory Manual in Forensic Serlogy.
Lectures and oral presentations  (90):
  • フェムトグラムオーダーまで測定可能な高感度DNaseI活性測定法
    (日本法医学会総会 2004)
  • 交通事故後に生じた腹部大動脈瘤破裂の一症例
    (日本法医学会関東地方会 2004)
  • ABO式血液型遺伝子の転写調節におけるプロモーターの上流に存在するNボックスの役割
    (日本DNA多型学会 2004)
  • ヒトdeoxyribonuclease I遺伝子における新規なVNTR多型.
    (日本DNA多型学会 2004)
  • ABO式血液型遺伝子の転写調節
    (第12回日本輸血学会秋季シンポジウム 2005)
Education (2):
  • - 1984 University of Tsukuba School of Medicine
  • - 1988 University of Tsukuba Graduate School, Division of Medicine
Professional career (1):
  • 条件付必須項目の入力がありません (University of Tsukuba)
Work history (3):
  • 1988 - 1992 Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University
  • Gunma University
  • 1992 - Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University
Awards (1):
  • 2015/06 - International Society of Blood Transfusion Vox Sanguinis Best Paper Prize 2014
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