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Matsumoto Toshiaki

マツモト トシアキ | Matsumoto Toshiaki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Sociology
Research keywords  (4): Child Welfore ,  Conflict ,  Family ,  Suicides
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • Research on the psychology of suicide and its primary social causes
  • Understanding problem Behavior on part of Children and the Search for Remedies
MISC (30):
  • Elderly Suicide and its prevention. Suicide prevention and crisis Intervention. 2003. 24. 1. 1-2
  • Suicide in Miyazaki prefecture and its community peculierity. Suicide Prevention and crisis Intervention. 2003. 24. 34-46
  • Underlying psychology and Regional Distribution of suicide Rates in Relation to Sociological factors. Research Bulletion of OtsuMa Women's University Home Economics. 2003. 39. 87-104
  • Understanding problem Behavior on the part of children and the Search for remedies - Failure to Non-Atendance at School -. Research Bulletin of Otsuma Women's University for Home Economics. 2002. 38
  • The Study of Community Differences in SMR among Suicides and Related Factors. Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention. 2002. 23-1
Books (6):
  • Child Welfare
    U-Can 2003
  • Social Welfare of a New Epoch
    Kaseikyoikusha 2002
  • ON problematic behavior of Children
    KODOMO-approach from Child Studies AIKAWA SYOBO 1998
  • AN Essay of social Welfore
  • Research providing conclusive evidence for suicide in old age
    Taga Publications 1995
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK) (Toyo University)
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