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Abe Hiroyuki

アベ ヒロユキ | Abe Hiroyuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Lecturer
Research field  (1): Healthcare management, medical sociology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2005 - 2007 Nouveaux ligands de Glut1 et d’autres transporteurs de nutriments, comme marqueurs et inhibiteurs métaboliques des proliférations cancéreuses
Papers (5):
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • A simple method for microinjection into the newborn mouse brain to study cerebellar developent.
    (The 61th. Japanese Conference for Labolatory Animal Science and Technology (Sapporo) 2014)
  • Unveiling potential new in vivo functions of the inorganic phosphate transporters PiT1 and PiT2, and the glucose transporter GLUT1 by histological imaging analyses using novel probes derived from retroviral envelope proteins.
    (The 6th. Annual Meeting of Japan Transporter Research Association, Sendai 2011)
  • Distinct expression of nutrient transporters in mouse cerebellar cortex infected with a retrovirus and human cerebellar tumors unveiled by new probes.
    (The 115th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Anatomists, Morioka 2010)
  • Acquisition of new transcription start sites in a solitary LTR66 gene at the upstream of the HERV-T proviral genome broadened the expression profile of its env gene with a large open reading frame.
    (The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan, Yokohama 2009)
  • Distinct expression of the glucose (GLUT1) and inorganic phosphate (PiT1, PiT2) transporters in the developing mouse cerebellar cortex unveiled by new ligands based on retrovirus envelope proteins.
Education (3):
  • - 1998 Tohoku University Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences
  • 1988 - 1994 Tohoku University Faculty of Medicine School of Medicine
  • - 1994 Tohoku University Faculty of Medicine
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) (Tohoku University)
Work history (1):
  • 2012/04 - 現在 Teikyo University
Association Membership(s) (1):
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