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Kajikawa Hiroaki

カジカワ ヒロアキ | Kajikawa Hiroaki
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.aist.go.jp/RESEARCHERDB/cgi-bin/worker_detail.cgi?call=namae&rw_id=H84882807
Research field  (1): Measurement engineering
Papers (36):
  • Hideaki Iizumi, Hiroaki Kajikawa, Tokihiko Kobata. Estimation of Calibration Values of Quartz Bourdon-Type Pressure Transducers Using Various Gases. MAPAN-JOURNAL OF METROLOGY SOCIETY OF INDIA. 2021. 36. 3. 435-441
  • Hideaki Iizumi, Hiroaki Kajikawa. An attempt to measure fluctuations of atmospheric pressure with laser interferometer. Measurement: Sensors. 2021. 18. 100184-100184
  • Hiroaki Kajikawa, Hideaki Iizumi, Tokihiko Kobata. Effect of surrounding temperature on long-term drift of quartz Bourdon-type pressure gauges kept at constant pressure. Measurement: Sensors. 2021. 18. 100199-100199
  • Tomoya Muramoto, Hiroaki Kajikawa, Hideaki Iizumi, Kazunori Ide, Yoshitaka Fujita. Design of a high-pressure viscosity-measurement system using two pressure balances. Measurement Science and Technology. 2020
  • Hideaki Iizumi, Hiroaki Kajikawa, Tokihiko Kobata. Calibration values uninfluenced by the kind of pressure medium and the setting posture for quartz Bourdon-type pressure transducers. ACTA IMEKO. 2019. 8. 3. 25
MISC (15):
  • Calibrations of Hydraulic Pressure Transducers with Stepwise and 0-A-0-type Procedures : Effects of Pressurization History on the Calibration Results. 2012. 48. 8. 461-469
  • Tokihiko Kobata, Momoko Kojima, Hiroaki Kajikawa. Improvement of reliability in pressure measurements and international mutual recognition: Incorporation of industrial digital pressure gauges to the national metrology system. Synthesiology. 2011. 4. 209-221
  • Effects of the calibration protocol on the results for hydraulic pressure transducers (3) Reproducibility of calibration results by 0-A-0-type pressurization. 2011. 28. 5-10
  • KAJIKAWA Hiroaki, IDE Kazunori, KOBATA Tokihiko. Characterizations of controlled-clearance piston-cylinders for pressures up to 1 GPa. 2010. 51. 55-55
  • Effects of the calibration protocol on the results for hydraulic pressure transducers (2). 2010. 27. 222-227
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