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Iwata Yukiyoshi

イワタ ユキヨシ | Iwata Yukiyoshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Researcher
Research field  (1): Rural environmental engineering and planning
Research keywords  (5): Soil freezing ,  Soil science ,  Information ,  GIS ,  Remote sensing
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2002 - 2004 Estimation of wheat growth by satellite remote sensing for improved efficiency of operations using harvesters
  • 2001 - Soil water movement at soil freezing and snow covered environment
Papers (66):
  • Katsutoshi Seki, Teruhito Miyamoto, Yukiyoshi Iwata. Method and calculation program for determining Rhoades parameters for monitoring electrical conductivity of soil water. Journal of Toyo University, National science. 2020. 64. 21-31
  • Koji Kameyama, Teruhito Miyamoto, IWATA Yukiyoshi. Determining representative locations based on soil water distribution measurements using a dielectric soil water sensor. IDRE Journal. 2019. 309. 87-2. II_113-II_121
  • IWATA Yukiyoshi, NAKAGAWA Fumio, AIDA Nobuyuki, NAWA Norio, MIYAMOTO Teruhito, KAMEYAMA Koji, SYOUBU Jun. Effect of drip irrigation on the weight of fruits of Japanese Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) at the field of Sado island, Japan. IDRE Journal. 2019. 309. 87-2. I_227-I_237
  • Dyck Miles, Teruhito Miyamoto, Yukiyoshi Iwata, Koji Kameyama. Bound Water, Phase Configuration, and Dielectric Damping Effects on TDR-Measured Apparent Permittivity. Vadose Zone Journal. 2019. 18. 1
  • Koji Kameyama, Teruhito Miyamoto, IWATA Yukiyoshi. The Preliminary Study of Water-Retention Related Properties of Biochar Produced from Various Feedstock at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures. Materials. 2019. 12. 11. 1732
MISC (16):
  • 宮本輝仁, 北川巌, 塩野隆弘, 亀山幸司, 岩田幸良. 立ち上げ管取り付けによる暗渠排水量と硝酸態窒素濃度の減少. 農村工学研究所成果情報. 2014. 2013. 55-56
  • 青木輝夫, 朽木勝幸, 庭野匡思, 田中泰宙, 保坂征宏, 橋本明弘, 本山秀明, 兒玉裕二, 植竹淳, 竹内望, 的場澄人, 杉山慎, 山口悟, 本吉弘岐, 岩田幸良, 杉浦幸之助, 八久保晶弘, 堀雅裕, 谷川朋範, 本谷研, 山崎哲秀. 「北極域における積雪汚染及び雪氷微生物が急激な温暖化に及ぼす影響評価に関する研究」(SIGMAプロジェクト)の紹介. 日本気象学会大会講演予稿集. 2012. 102. 453
  • 矢崎友嗣, 岩田幸良, 廣田知良, 小南靖弘, 川方俊和, 吉田武郎, 柳井洋介, 井上聡. 冬の気象条件が日本の温帯から冷温帯の年平均地温に及ぼす影響. 農業農村工学会大会講演会講演要旨集. 2012. 2012. 414-415
  • 朽木勝幸, 青木輝夫, 庭野匡思, 兒玉裕二, 岩田幸良, 谷川朋範, 増田一彦, 石元裕史. 全天分光日射計を用いた積雪物理量の推定に及ぼす積雪粒子形状の効果. 日本気象学会大会講演予稿集. 2012. 101. 246
  • Tomoyoshi Hirota, Nobuhisa Koga, Yukiyoshi Iwata, Satoshi Inoue, Manabu Nemoto, Takahiro Hamasaki. Climatic Features of Spring to Summer in 2010 and Their Impacts on Agriculture in Hokkaido(in Japanese with Emglish Summary). Miscellaneous publication of the National Agricultural Research Center for Hokkaido Region. 2011. 69. 1-13
Books (4):
  • Plant and Microbe Adaptations to Cold in a Changing World
    Springer 2013
  • Japan Society of Agricultural Meteorology
    Hokkaido Shinbun Press 2012
  • Encyclopedia of Agrophysics
    Springer 2011
  • Agricultural Remote Sensing in Japan: Case Study in Hokkaido
    Seibunsya Press 2010
Lectures and oral presentations  (1):
  • Decreasing soil frost depth by climate change and its influence on agriculture in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan
    (Symposium of North West A&M University 2014)
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