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Shiratate Kaiun

シラタテ カイウン | Shiratate Kaiun
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist ,  Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist
Research keywords  (1): Buddhist Studies
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Study on the Tibetan Buddhism
MISC (14):
  • An Annotated Japanese Translation of Tson-kha-pa's Dran nes Legs Dsad s(]E86F3[)in po. chapter of Pr(]E87BC[)sangike(II.222.132). The Otani Gakuho (The Journal Buddhist Studies and Humanities). 1993. 72. 1. 13-25
  • On the Thoughts of Ekay(]E87BC[)na and Tath(]E87BC[)gatagarbha. Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental and Occidental Studies, Kansai University. 1993. 26,13-50
  • The Assassinations of Tri Ralpachen and Lang Darma. The Tibet Journal. 1993. 18. 2. 17-22
  • The Idea of the Truth of the Ekay(]E87BC[)na in Madhyamaka Buddhism. Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies. 1992. 40. 2
  • On the Dates of Buddhap(]E87BC[)lita and Aktobhaya's Commentary. Buddhist Seminar. 1991. 54
Books (12):
  • A Study of M(]E87BC[)dhyamika Philosophy(]G0003[)
    Bunei-do 2001
  • Problems in the philophy of the Yog(]E87BC[)c(]E87BC[)ra and the M(]E87BC[)dhyomika schools(The New White Annals)
    The Tibetan Buddhist Culture Association(Kyoto) 1999
  • Tantric Buddhist Yoga in Tibet
    Bun-ei-do(kyoto) 1999
  • A Study of Tsong Khapa's M(]E87BC[)dhyamika Philosophy(]G0002[)
    Bun-ei-do 1998
  • The Development of Thought in the Abhidharma Literature
Education (1):
  • - 1972 Varanasi Sanskrit University Buddhist Studies
Professional career (1):
  • Master of Literature
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