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Kagawa Akira

カガワ アキラ | Kagawa Akira
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Senior Researcher (permanent position)
Homepage URL  (1): http://cse.ffpri.affrc.go.jp/akagawa/index-j.htm
Research field  (3): Wood science ,  Forest science ,  Environmental dynamics
Research keywords  (8): Biogeochemistry ,  Smartborer ,  oxygen isotopes ,  Increment borer ,  Dendrochronology ,  Forest ecology ,  Wood Anatomy ,  Isotope dendroclimatology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • 2009 - 2012 Identification of the geographic origin of timber using isotope series of tree rings.
  • 2004 - 2005 Growth response of eastern Siberian trees to global warming - dendroclimatological study with carbon isotope analysis -
Papers (7):
  • Nabeshima E, Nakatsuka T, KAGAWA A, Hiura T, Funada R. Seasonal changes of dD and d18O in tree-ring cellulose of Quercus crispula suggest a change in post-photosynthetic processes during earlywood growth. Tree Physiology. 2018. 38. 12. 1829-1840
  • KAGAWA Akira, FUJIWARA Takeshi. Smart increment borer: a portable device for automated sampling of tree-ring cores. Journal of Wood Science. 2017. 64. 1. 52-58
  • Kubota, T, Kagawa, A, Kodama, N. Effects of salkt water immersion caused by a tsunami on d13C and d18O calues of Pinus thunbergii tree-ring cellulose. Ecological Research. 2017. 32. 2. 271-277
  • Qingmin Han, Akira Kagawa, Daisuke Kabeya, Yoshiyuki Inagaki. Reproduction-related variation in carbon allocation to woody tissues in Fagus crenata using a natural C-13 approach. TREE PHYSIOLOGY. 2016. 36. 11. 1343-1352
  • Shinta Ohashi, Flavia M. Durgante, Akira Kagawa, Takuya Kajimoto, Susan E. Trumbore, Xiaomei Xu, Moriyoshi Ishizuka, Niro Higuchi. Seasonal variations in the stable oxygen isotope ratio of wood cellulose reveal annual rings of trees in a Central Amazon terra firme forest. OECOLOGIA. 2016. 180. 3. 685-696
MISC (7):
Lectures and oral presentations  (3):
  • Smart increment borer - a new electric device for automated sampling of tree-ring cores (oral)
    (Worlddendro2018 2018)
  • A new electric device for sampling increment cores (oral)
    (TRACE2018 2018)
  • A Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger device for sampling increment cores
    (TRACE2018 2018)
Education (2):
  • - 1997 Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture
  • Kyoto University
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D in Environmental Earth Science
Work history (4):
  • 1999 - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • 1999 - Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Forest Product Research Institute, Researcher (permanent)
  • Forestry and Fishery Forest and
Association Membership(s) (3):
Ecological Society of Japan ,  International Association of Wood Anatomists (IAWA) ,  The Japan Wood Research Society
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