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クラタ アキラ | KURATA Akira
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Cardiovascular medicine
Research keywords  (9): nuclear cardiology ,  cardiovascular computed tomography ,  cardiac function ,  atherosclerosis ,  computed tomography ,  myocardial perfusion imaging ,  myocardial ischemia ,  coronary artery disease ,  cardiac imaging
Papers (52):
  • Nous FMA, Coenen A, Boersma E, Kim YH, Kruk MBP, Tesche C, de Geer J, Yang DH, Kepka C, Schoepf UJ, Persson A, Kurata A, Budde RPJ, Nieman K. Comparison of the Diagnostic Performance of Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography-Derived Fractional Flow Reserve in Patients With Versus Without Diabetes Mellitus (from the MACHINE Consortium). Am J Cardiol. 2018. PMID: 30553510
  • Kurata A, Koyama Y, Shirakawa T, Miyoshi T. Clinical Applications of Three-Dimensional Printing in Cardiovascular Disease. Cardiovasc Imaging Asia. 2018. 2. 4. 153-165
  • Watanabe E, Miyagawa M, Uetani T, Kinoshita M, Kitazawa R, Kurata M, Ishimura H, Matsuda T, Tanabe Y, Kido T, Kido T, Kurata A, Mochizuki T. Positron emission tomography/computed tomography detection of increased 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in the cardiac atria of patients with atrial fibrillation. Int J Cardiol. 2018. PMID: 30420144
  • Yamamoto H, Kihara Y, Kitagawa T, Ohashi N, Kunita E, Iwanaga Y, Kobuke K, Miyazaki S, Kawasaki T, Fujimoto S, Daida H, Fujii T, Sato A, Okimoto T, Kuribayashi S, Kurata A.; PREDICT Investigators. Coronary plaque characteristics in computed tomography and 2-year outcomes: The PREDICT study. J Cardiovasc Comput Tomogr. 2018. 12. 5. 436-443
  • Shirakawa T, Yoshitatsu M, Koyama Y, Kurata A, Miyoshi T, Mizoguchi H, Masai T, Toda K, Sawa Y. To what extent can 3D model replicate dimensions of individual mitral valve prolapse?. J Artif Organs. 2018. 21. 3. 348-355
Lectures and oral presentations  (56):
  • Myocardial Perfusion and Wall Motion Abnormality in Adenosine Triphosphate Provocation Multi-Slice Computed Tomography
    (The 54th Annual Scientific Session of American College of Cardiology 2005)
  • Assessment of Myocardial Ischemia by AdenosineTriphosphate Stress Multi-slice Spiral Computed Tomography to Comparison with Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy
    (The 52nd Annual Meeting of Society of Nuclear Medicine 2005)
  • ATP Provocation Myocardial Perfusion MSCT. Alternative to Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy
    (The 5th International Conference on Cardiac CT 2005)
  • Simultaneous assessment of coronary artery stenosis & myocardial ischemia in adenosine triphosphate stress multislice spiral computed tomography.
    (The 78th Scientific Sessions of American Heart Association 2006)
  • One-beat Whole Heart Imaging Using the 2nd Spec 256-multislice CT: First Clinical Data. American College of Cardiology
    (American College of Cardiology, 55th Annual Scientific Session 2006)
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