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Mizokuro Toshiko

ミゾクロ トシコ | Mizokuro Toshiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Researcher
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.aist.go.jp/RESEARCHERDB/cgi-bin/worker_detail.cgi?call=namae&rw_id=T99807490
Research field  (2): Material fabrication and microstructure control ,  Basic physical chemistry
Research keywords  (5): polymer ,  vacuum ,  Organic Film ,  uocpnversion ,  orientation
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Thin Organic Film Fabrication Using Vacuum Technique
Papers (69):
  • Tachibana Hiroaki, Toda Naoya, Takada Noriyuki, Mizokuro Toshiko, Ando Atsushi, Azumi Reiko. Liquid exfoliation of ethyl-terminated layered germanane. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS. 2019. 58
  • Ryuma Sato, Hirotaka Kitoh-Nishioka, Kenji Kamada, Toshiko Mizokuro, Kenji Kobayashi, Yasuteru Shigeta. Synergetic Effects of Triplet-Triplet Annihilation and Directional Triplet Exciton Migration in Organic Crystals for Photon Upconversion. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2018. 9. 22. 6638-6643
  • Kamada Kenji, Sakagami Yusuke, Mizokuro Toshiko, Fujiwara Yutaka, Kobayashi Kenji, Narushima Kaishi, Hirata Shuzo, Vacha Martin. Efficient triplet-triplet annihilation upconversion in binary crystalline solids fabricated via solution casting and operated in air (vol 4, pg 83, 2017). MATERIALS HORIZONS. 2018. 5. 6. 1219
  • Toshiko Mizokuro, Aizitiaili Abulikemu, Yusuke Sakagami, Tetsuro Jin, Kenji Kamada. Enhanced phosphorescence properties of a Pt-porphyrin derivative fixed on the surface of nano-porous glass. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences. 2018. 17. 5. 622-627
  • Mizokuro Toshiko, Tanigaki Nobutaka, Miyadera Tetsuhiko, Shibata Yousei, Koganezawa Tomoyuki. Organic Photovoltaic Devices Based on Oriented n-Type Molecular Films Deposited on Oriented Polythiophene Films. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. 2018. 18. 4. 2702-2710
MISC (1):
  • MOCHIZUKI Hiroyuki, MIZOKURO Toshiko, TANIGAKI Nobutaka, HIRAGA Takashi. Preparation of Polymer Waveguides by Vapor Dispersion. Technical report of IEICE. OME. 2004. 104. 136. 29-33
Lectures and oral presentations  (16):
  • α-セキシチオフェンの配向膜を用いた有機薄膜太陽電池
    (光化学討論会講演要旨集 2012)
  • 摩擦転写法によるP3HT/PCBM混合物の配向薄膜の作製
    (応用物理学会学術講演会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2012)
  • α-セキシチオフェンの配向膜を用いた有機薄膜太陽電池
    (応用物理学会学術講演会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2012)
  • 全反射X線回折法によるポリ(3-アルキルチオフェン)配向薄膜の構造評価
    (高分子学会予稿集(CD-ROM) 2012)
  • 全反射X線回折によるポリチオフェン,ポリ(3-ドデシルチオフェン)配向膜の構造評価
    (応用物理学関係連合講演会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2012)
Work history (3):
  • 2010/10 - 現在 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • 2020 - 2020 University of Tsukuba
  • - 2010/09 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Association Membership(s) (1):
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