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トドロキ ヤスシ | TODOROKI Yasushi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Other affiliations (2):
  • Shizuoka University  Faculty of Agriculture - Department of Applied Biological Chemistry 
  • Shizuoka University  Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology Department of Agriculture - Applied Biological Chemistry Course 
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.agr.shizuoka.ac.jp/c/npchem/
Research field  (2): Bioorganic chemistry ,  Chemical biology
Research keywords  (2): plant hormone ,  P450 enzyme
Papers (52):
  • A. S. Vaidya, J. D. M. Helander, F. C. Peterson, D. Elzinga, W. Dejonghe, A. Kaundal, S.-Y. Park, Z. Xing, R. Mega, J. Takeuchi, B. Khanderahoo, S. Bishay, B. F. Volkman, Y. Todoroki, M. Okamoto, S. R. Cutler. Dynamic control of plant water use using designed ABA receptor agonists. Science. 2019. 366. eaaw8848
  • [責任著者]Y. Todoroki, J. Takeuchi [共著者]8名. Structure-based chemical design of abscisic acid antagonists that block PYL-PP2C receptor interactions. ACS Chemical Biology. 2018. 13. 5. 1313-1321
  • [責任著者]S. Kondo [共著者]Y. Todoroki(他4名). Effects of abscisic acid agonist or antagonist applications on aroma volatiles and anthocyanin biosynthesis in grape berries. The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. 2018. (vol). (num). (xxx)-(zzz)
  • [責任著者]S. Kondo [共著者]Y. Todoroki(他5名). Salt tolerance in apple seedlings is affected by an inhibitor of ABA 8'-hydroxylase CYP707A. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. 2017. 36. 3. 643-650
  • [責任著者]M. Nakatani [共著者]Y. Todoroki(他6名). Synthesis and herbicidal activity of 3-{[(hetero)aryl]methanesulfonyl}-4,5-dihydro-1,2- oxazole derivative; Discovery of the novel pre-emergence herbicide pyroxasulfone. Journal of Pesticide Science. 2016. 41. 4. 133-144
MISC (1):
  • [責任著者]轟 泰司,平井伸博. Abscisic acid as a stress messenger of plants. 1995. 33. 2. 122-130
Books (2):
  • Studies in Natural Products Chemistry Vol.27
    Elsevier Science B.V. 2002
  • Abscisic Acid: Metabolism, Transport and Signaling
    Springer 2014
Lectures and oral presentations  (134):
  • アブシジン酸結合タンパクの光親和性標識化剤
    (日本農芸化学会2001年度大会 2001)
  • ABA結合タンパクに対するフォトアフィニティーラベル化剤3'-azido-ABA
    (植物化学調節学会第36回大会 2001)
  • ABAアナログによる水分ストレス誘導性遺伝子プロモーターの活性化
    (日本農芸化学会2001年度関西・西日本・中国支部合同大会 2001)
  • アブシジン酸類縁体の大麦開花受粉阻害活性
    (植物化学調節学会第36回大会 2001)
  • 1位カルボン酸をテトラゾールに改変したアブシジン酸アナログ
    (日本農芸化学会2002年度大会 2002)
Education (2):
  • - 1991 Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture
  • - 1996 Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Agriculture
Association Membership(s) (1):
The Japanese Society of Plant Physiologists
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