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Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research keywords  (1): Respiratory physiology in children
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
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MISC (4):
  • M Ueno, S Tomita, M Ueki, Y Iwanaga, CL Huang, M Onodera, N Maekawa, FJ Gonzalez, H Sakamoto. Two pathways of apoptosis are simultaneously induced in the embryonal brains of neural cell-specific HIF-1 alpha-deficient mice. HISTOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY. 2006. 125. 5. 535-544
  • M Ueno, S Tomita, T Nakagawa, M Ueki, Y Iwanaga, J Oko, M Onodera, CL Huang, K Kanenishi, A Shimada, N Maekawa, H Sakamoto. Effects of aging and HIF-1 alpha deficiency on permeability of hippocampal vessels. MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND TECHNIQUE. 2006. 69. 1. 29-35
  • J Morishita, Y Okamoto, K Tsuboi, M Ueno, H Sakamoto, N Maekawa, N Ueda. Regional distribution and age-dependent expression of N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine-hydrolyzing phospholipase D in rat brain. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY. 2005. 94. 3. 753-762
  • S Tomita, M Ueno, M Sakamoto, Y Kitahama, M Ueki, N Maekawa, H Sakamoto, M Gassmann, R Kageyama, N Ueda, FJ Gonzalez, Y Takahama. Defective brain development in mice lacking the Hif-1 alpha gene in neural cells. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY. 2003. 23. 19. 6739-6749
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