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Nagai Hiroshi

ナガイ ヒロシ | Nagai Hiroshi
Research field  (1): Economic statistics
Research keywords  (1): Economic Index Number
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Index Formulas and Economic Systems
MISC (22):
  • An Estimate of the Future Population and Aging Problems- (Research Note). Journal of Economics, Kumamoto Gakuen University. 2001. 7(1-2-3-4), 481-493
  • L. S. Kazinets' Concepts of Index Number-Focusing on his Analytical Concept-. Journal of Economics, Kumamoto Gakuen University. 1999. 5. 3・4合併. 215-224
  • Statistical Conditions in New Zealand(2)-Centering around the Census and Statistics Act, 1926-(Research Note). Journal of Economics, Kumamoto Gakuen University. 1998. 5. 1・2合併. 345-356
  • Enumerators-Their Regional Characteristics. BULLETIN OF JAPAN STATISTICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE. 1998. 24. 13-46
  • Consumer Price Index Number Formulas and Weight in China. Journal of Economics, Kumamoto-Gakuen University. 1996. 2. 3-4合併. 79-86
Books (4):
  • Aging Problems in Kumamoto Prefecture Viewing from an Estimate of Its Future Population.
    Changes and Prospects of the Industrial Economy in Kumamoto Prefecture 2001
  • A Survey and Analysis of Consumption Trend on Pork and Chicken in Kumamoto-shi -Focusing on the Trend on Brands, Kumamoto-SPF pork and Kumamoto-Kochin-
    A Collection of Essays in Commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Establishment of Economic Faculty of Kumamot Gakuen University 2000
  • A Trend of Contemporary Statistical System - Recent Trend of Statistical Improvement in Britain -
    Problems of Contemporary Statistics 1990
Works (3):
  • A Research on Sight-seeing Routes of Tourists in Kumamoto Prefecture
    1984 -
  • Statistical Environment in a Mountain-Farm Area - An Analysis on the Actual Condition in Yabe, Kumamoto Prefecture -
    1981 -
  • The Effect of Advertisements - An Analysis on the Actual Condition in Kumamoto City -
    1980 -
Professional career (1):
  • (BLANK)
Work history (1):
  • Kumamoto Gakuen University Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics Professor
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