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YOSHINO Hiromichi

ヨシノ ヒロミチ | YOSHINO Hiromichi
Research field  (3): Genetics/Genome dynamics ,  Biodiversity/Systematics ,  Boundary agriculture
Research keywords  (3): Phylogeny ,  Cytogenetics ,  Conservation of Genetic Resources
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • Phylogenetic Study on Taro
  • Studies on the dispersal of taro via Southern China
  • Role of vegeculture in food
  • Studies on the change of taro cultivation from the traditional system to the commercial system
  • Conservation of the taro germplasm
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MISC (26):
Books (7):
  • On the Wild or Escaped and Cultivated Species of Tribe Colocasieae in Eastern Nepal
    Kang Expedition Scientific Report of Kyoto University Yalung 1975
  • Studies on the Phylogenetic Differentiation in Taro, ┣DBColocasia(/)-┫DB ┣DBesculenta(/)-┫DB Schott.
  • Phylogenetic relationship between colocasia and Alocasia based on molecular techniques. (共著)
    Ethnobotany and genetic diversity of Asian taro : focus on China , IPGRI & CSHS, Beijing. 1999
  • Genetic assay and study of crop germplasm in and around china (2nd). (共著)
  • Yoshino,H.et al. Phylogenetic Relationship between Colocasia and Alocasia based on Molecular Techniques in Zhu, D.et al.[eds.] Ethnobotony and Genetic Diversity of Asian faro:Focus on China.
    IPGRI Office for East Asia, Beijng 2000
Works (12):
  • Field survey in Nepal and Bhutan for collecting tribes Triticeae and Colocasieae and some millets.
  • Field survey in the North-western District of China for collecting tribes Triticeae and Colocasieae)
  • Botanical survey of the family Araceae and some cultivated plants in Nu-jiang District (Areas along the sources of the Salween), Yunnan Province, China.
    1996 -
  • Genetic and ethnobotanical survey of the family Araceae in Baoshan District, Yunnan (Aid by the Nissei Funds)
    1997 -
  • Research on the teak cultivation in Burma and its genetical improvement.
    1998 - 1999
Education (1):
  • - 1966 Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture
Professional career (1):
  • Dr. Agr. (Kyoto University)
Work history (3):
  • 1970 - 1972 Researcher, Kihara Inst. for Biology/Graduate student, Nat. Inst. Genetics
  • 1972 - 1997 Assist. Prof., Fac. Agr., Okayama Univ.
  • 1997 - Assoc. Prof., Fac. Agr., Okayama Univ.
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