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Saito Takuya

サイトウ タクヤ | Saito Takuya
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Space and planetary science
Papers (38):
  • Ito A, Tohjima Y, Saito T, Umezawa T, Hajima T, Hirata R, Saito M, Terao Y. Methane budget of East Asia, 1990-2015: A bottom-up evaluation. The Science of the total environment. 2019. 676. 40-52
  • Rigby M, Park S, Saito T, Western L. M, Redington A. L, Fang X, Henne S, Manning A. J, Prinn R. G, Dutton G. S, Fraser P. J, Ganesan A. L, Hall B. D, Harth C. M, Kim J, Kim K. -R, Krummel P. B, Lee T, Li S, Liang Q, Lunt M. F, Montzka S. A, Muhle J, O'Doherty S, Park M. -K, Reimann S, Salameh P. K, Simmonds P, Tunnicliffe R. L, Weiss R. F, Yokouchi Y, Young D. Increase in CFC-11 emissions from eastern China based on atmospheric observations. NATURE. 2019. 569. 7757. 546-+
  • Fang Xuekun, Park Sunyoung, Saito Takuya, Tunnicliffe Rachel, Ganesan Anita L, Rigby Matthew, Li Shanlan, Yokouchi Yoko, Fraser Paul J, Harth Christina M, Krummel Paul B, Muhle Jens, O'Doherty Simon, Salameh Peter K, Simmonds Peter G, Weiss Ray F, Young Dickon, Lunt Mark F, Manning Alistair J, Gressentl Alicia, Prinn Ronald G. Rapid increase in ozone-depleting chloroform emissions from China. NATURE GEOSCIENCE. 2019. 12. 2. 89-+
  • Fang Xuekun, Saito Takuya, Park Sunyoung, Li Shanlan, Yokouchi Yoko, Prinn Ronald G. Performance of Back-Trajectory Statistical Methods and Inverse Modeling Method in Locating Emission Sources. ACS EARTH AND SPACE CHEMISTRY. 2018. 2. 8. 843-851
  • Prinn Ronald G, Weiss Ray F, Arduini Jgor, Arnold Tim, DeWitt H. Langley, Fraser Paul J, Ganesan Anita L, Gasore Jimmy, Harth Christina M, Hermansen Ove, Kim Jooil, Krummel Paul B, Li Shanlan, Loh Zoe M, Lunder Chris R, Maione Michela, Manning Alistair J, Miller Ben R, Mitrevski Blagoj, Muehle Jens, O'Doherty Simon, Park Sunyoung, Reimann Stefan, Rigby Matt, Saito Takuya, Salameh Peter K, Schmidt Roland, Simmonds Peter G, Steele L. Paul, Vollmer Martin K, Wang Ray H, Yao Bo, Yokouchi Yoko, Young Dickon, Zhou Lingxi. History of chemically and radiatively important atmospheric gases from the Advanced Global Atmospheric Gases Experiment (AGAGE). EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE DATA. 2018. 10. 2. 985-1018
MISC (1):
  • 斉藤拓也. 生物とオゾン層破壊物質 規制対象外物質の制御不能な放出. 現代化学. 2018. 569. 44-47
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