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Masahiko Hatanaka

ハタナカ マサヒコ | Masahiko Hatanaka
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2009 - 2012 衛星輝度温度画像を用いた極域の気象情報抽出に関する研究
Papers (49):
  • 猪熊 裕史, 森 雅樹, 山本 泰之, 畑中 雅彦. An Implementation of Referential Join for Distributed Database System Based on Normalization and Referential Integrity. Journal of the Association of Innovative Technology. 2010. 51. 1-6
  • S.Ohashi M.Hatanaka. A new visualization method for 3D head MRA data. PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE on CD-ROM: Medical Imaging 2008. 2008. Vols. 6913-6920. 691835. 1-10
  • 大橋智志, 畑中雅彦. Successive MPR Image Visualization Using Tracking Line of Blood Vessels. Medical Imaging Technology. 2007. 25. 4. 227-233
  • 大橋智志, 畑中雅彦. 3D Segmentation of Cerebral Arteries in MR Angiography data Based on Gradient Vector Field. Journal of the Association of Innovative Technology. 2005. 48. 27-34
  • T.Noda, M.Hatanaka, J.Shi. A Numerical Study on the Efficiency of Benson's Algorithm for Solving Sum-of-rations Problem. Journal of the Association of Innovative Technology. 2005. 48. 1-6
MISC (84):
Books (3):
  • 医用画像システム実用ハンドブック-改訂版-
    名古美術印刷 (株) 2000
  • 医用画像システム実用ハンドブック
    電子計測出版社 1992
  • 医用画像診断装置 -CT,MRIを中心として-
    (株) コロナ社 1988
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