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Takemura Takeshi

タケムラ タケシ | Takemura Takeshi
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Ecology and environmental science
Research keywords  (1): Ecosystem
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • Study on Insects in Satoyama.
MISC (7):
  • The Survey on the Awareness and Consciousness on the Urban of the Habitants along the Rivers-especially those of 6th Graders and their family members who reside along the Sakura River, Tsuchiura-Shi and the Tama River, Kawasaki-Shi. Tsuchiura Junior College. 1981. 9. 67-137
  • On the actual condition of Nitrogen dioxide(NO2)pollution in Tsuchiura city and its vicinity. Tsuchiura Junior College. 1980. 8. 1-12
  • Ecological Study of Three Species of Ocypodidae(Scopimera globasa, Ilyoplax pusillus, Macrophthalmus japonicus)in Tokyo Bay. Tsuchiura Junior College. 1980. 8. 13-36
  • On the physiological and anatomical effects of skin application to Oryctolagus cuniculus(rabbits)by synthetic detergent. Tsuchiura Junior College. 1978. 6. 17-24
  • Effects on the toxicity of various kinds of synthetic detergents to fresh-water fishes, Pseudorasbora parva. -Median tolerance limit(TLm)by the surface active agents(surfactants). -. Tsuchiura Junior College. 1978. 6. 1-16
Books (2):
  • Ecological Studies of Chironomids in the Urban river. -Especially estimation and presumption of the number of generation per year of Chironomus yoshimatsui Martin et Sublette lives in at the down stream area of the Tama river flowing into the Tokyo bay.
    Tokyu foundation for better environment. 1986
  • Present state and monthly prosperity and decay of Bacterio coliform group at the downstream area of the Tama River flowing into the Tokyo bay.
    T(]E87C7[)ky(]E87CD[) foundation for better environment. 1981
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