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Agario Shinya

アガリオ シンヤ | Agario Shinya
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistnt Professor
Research field  (3): History - Europe/America ,  Art history ,  Aesthetics and art studies
Research keywords  (6): Social History ,  Musicology ,  Western History ,  Culture History ,  Music History ,  Social History in the Medieval Europe
Papers (3):
  • AGARIO Shinya. Musical Instruments of Isidore of Seville’s The Etymologies (or Origins). 2018. 2
  • AGARIO Shinya. From Hydraulos to Pipe organ in the late Medieval Europe: a organological survey for the history of keyed instruments. 2018. 2
  • AGARIO Shinya. Finding Clavichord - String instruments and key-action in the Fifteenth-century Europe. 2017. 2. 24-77
MISC (3):
  • Medieval Minstrels : Entertainments and Society in the Medieval Mediterranean Area. Annual Bulletin of Toho Gakuen College. 1997. 15
  • "King playing Harp" : Musical Symbolism in the Medieval Europe. Annual Bulletin of Toho Gakuen College. 1997. 18
  • Musicians' Guild in Hamburg. The Journal of Social Science. 1989. 27-2
Books (3):
  • Music in European History
    Kodansha 2000
  • The Social Status of the Professional Musician in the Late Medieval Europe -An Introduction-
    ICU Society for the Study of Comparative Culture 1995
  • Sound of History ; Musical Representation i the Medieval and Early Modern Europe
    Kashiwa Shobo Pub. Inc 1993
Professional career (1):
  • PH.D (ICU)
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