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ニイゼキ ミノル | NIIZEKI Minoru
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Breeding science
Research keywords  (1): plant breeding
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • Somatic cell fusion between leguminous and gramineous plants
  • Somaclonal variation in plants
MISC (25):
Books (7):
  • Somatic cell hybridization among gramineous and leguminous species.
    Proc. 6th Internatl. Congr. SABRAO 1989
  • Molecular state in somatic hybrids among gramineous and leguminous species.
    Proceeding of Asia-Pacific Conference on Agricultural Biotechnology 1992
  • Regeneration of Plants from protoplasts of ┣DBLotus(/)-┫DB spp. (Birdsfoot trefoil.
    Sperinager-Verlag 1993
  • Somatic hybridization between birdsfoot trefoil (┣DBLotus corniculotus(/)-┫DB L. ) and soybean (┣DBGlycine max(/)-┫DB L. )
    Springer-Verlag 1994
  • Somatic hybridization between ┣DBZea mays(/)-┫DB and ┣DBTriticum(/)-┫DB sect. ┣DBTrititrigia(/)-┫DB
    Springer-Verlag 1994
Education (2):
  • - 1964 Hokkaido University Faculty of Agriculture
  • - 1971 McGill Univ. Graduate School, Division of Natural Science
Professional career (2):
  • (BLANK)
  • Master of Science
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