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セナミ マサト | SENAMI Masato
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): 素粒子・原子核・宇宙線・宇宙物理 ,  数理物理・物性基礎
Papers (26):
  • Masato Senami, Makoto Nakanishi, Akitomo Tachibana. Computational analysis method of local electrical conductive property in nano-size materials. AIP ADVANCES. 2019. 9. 2. 025106
  • Masato Senami, Keito Ito. Asymmetry of electron chirality between enantiomeric pair molecules and the origin of homochirality in nature. PHYSICAL REVIEW A. 2019. 99. 1. 012509
  • Hiroo Nozaki, Masato Senami, Kazuhide Ichikawa, Akitomo Tachibana. Tension density as counter force to the Lorentz force density. JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS. 2016. 55. 8. 08PE01
  • Masahiro Fukuda, Kota Soga, Masato Senami, Akitomo Tachibana. Local Physical Quantities for Spin Based on the Relativistic Quantum Field Theory in Molecular Systems. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANTUM CHEMISTRY. 2016. 116. 12. 920-931
  • Masahiro Fukuda, Kazuhide Ichikawa, Masato Senami, Akitomo Tachibana. Dynamical picture of spin Hall effect based on quantum spin vorticity theory. AIP ADVANCES. 2016. 6. 2. 025108
MISC (11):
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