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Matsushita Takahiko

マツシタ タカヒコ | Matsushita Takahiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Homepage URL  (2): http://md.fms.saitama-u.ac.jphttp://md.fms.saitama-u.ac.jp/
Research field  (3): Functional solid-state chemistry ,  Synthetic organic chemistry ,  Biochemistry
Research keywords  (10): solid-phase synthsis ,  polymer-supported synthesis ,  glycosyltransferase ,  antibody ,  epitope ,  dendrimer ,  microarray ,  carbohydrate ,  chemoenzymatic synthesis ,  glycopeptide
Papers (35):
MISC (7):
  • Nishimura S. I, Matsushita T, Takada W, Igarashi K, Naruchi K, Garcia-Martin F, Amano M, Hinou H. Autoantibodies to cancer-associated MUC1 fragments in healthy human sera discovered by high performance glycopeptide microarray platform. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society. 2013. 246
  • 泉龍孝, 藤谷直樹, 松下隆彦, 比能洋, 高道学, 西宮佳志, 津田栄, 西村紳一郎. NMRによるリニア不凍糖タンパク質(AFGP)のコンフォメーション解析. 日本糖質学会年会要旨集. 2009. 29th. 85
  • 五十嵐 幸太, 松下 隆彦, 西村 紳一郎. Development and application of glycan chip & microarray: approach for exploring the potential biomarkers. Bio industry. 2009. 26. 7. 63-70
  • Shimizu Hiroki, Matsushita Takahiko, Nagashima Izuru, Yoshimura Yayoi, Hiruma Shimizu Kazumi, Nishimura Shin-Ichiro. P-92 Study of Non-thermal Microwave Effects for Syntheses of Oligosaccharides and Oligopeptides(Poster Presentation). Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, symposium papers. 2008. 50. 0. 813-818
  • Takahiko Matsushita. Microwave-assisted Glycopeptide Synthesis. Peptide News Letter. 2008. 69. 7-9
Books (2):
  • Methods in Enzymology vol.478 " Novel Synthesis of Functional Mucin Glycopeptides Containing Both N- and O-glycans."
    Elsevier Inc. 2010 ISBN:9780123810014
  • Development of Glycochips & Microarrays
    CMC Publishing Co.,Ltd. 2009
Lectures and oral presentations  (7):
  • Bivalent N-Acetylglucosamine Glycosides: Effect of Scaffold Constraint on Lectin-Carbohydrate Interaction
    (International Congress on Pure & Applied Chemistry Langkawi (ICPAC Langkawi) 2018)
  • Synthetic study on dissociation mechanism of sialic acid by NA(3):Confirmation and evaluation of the dissociation of p-nitroaniline caused by the cleavage of sialic acid
    (日本化学会第98春季年会(2018) 2018)
  • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles modified with sugar(III):Investigation of aggregative conditions
    (日本化学会第98春季年会(2018) 2018)
  • Synthetic studies of novel functional nanoparticles by means of the reverse micelles method (3)-Preparation and purification of the functional nanoparticles -
    (日本化学会第98春季年会(2018) 2018)
  • Synthetic studies of polydiacetylenes introducing various carbohydrate moieties at the terminal ends(II):Evaluation of polymerizabilities
    (日本化学会第98春季年会(2018) 2018)
Education (2):
  • 2000 - 2005 Hokkaido University Graduate School of Science Division of Biological Sciences
  • 1996 - 2000 Hokkaido University Faculty of Science Devision of Biological Sciences (Macromolecular Functions)
Professional career (2):
  • Ph.D. in Science (Hokkaido University)
  • Ms. in Science (Hokkaido University)
Work history (4):
  • 2015/10 - 現在 埼玉大学 Assistant Professor
  • 2013/07 - 2015/09 Wayne State University Research Scholar
  • 2010/11 - 2013/06 Faculty of Advanced Life Science, Hokkaido University Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
  • 2005/07 - 2010/10 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Research Associate
Awards (1):
  • 2011/05 - THE SOCIETY OF POLYMER SCIENCE, JAPAN Award for Encouragement of Research in Polymer Science Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis of MUC1 Glycopeptide Library
Association Membership(s) (3):
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