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Hyodo Kazuo

ヒョウドウ カズオ | Hyodo Kazuo
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (2): Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist ,  Philosophy - Chinese, Indian, Buddhist
Research keywords  (1): Indian Buddhism
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • A Study of the Vij(]E86F3[)aptm(]E87BC[)tra Theory
  • A Study of the Abhisamay(]E87BC[)lamk(]E87BC[)ra
MISC (16):
  • Sakara/nirakara-vijnaptimatra Theory in the Madhyamakalamkara; Based on the dBu ma rgyan kyi brjed byang. Annual Memoirs of the Otani University Shin Buddhist Comprehensive Research Institute. 2003. No.21, pp.1-22
  • Japanese Translation of Se ra rJe btsun pa's mNgon par rtogs pa'i rgyan gyi brjod bya dngos brgyad don bdun cu nges par 'byed pa'i thabs dam pa (2). Buddhist Seminar. 2001. No.74, pp.80-104
  • A Japanese Transpation of Se ra rje btsun pa's mNgon par rtogs pa's rgyan gyi brjod bya dngos brgyad don bdun cu nges par'byed pa'i thabs dam pa ; (1). Buddhist Seminar. 1999. No.69, pp.1-23
  • Yoga and Vij(]E86F3[)aptim(]E87BC[)tra Theory--Establishurert of the Asallak(]E8AD6[)a(]E8AD5[)(]E87BC[)nupravesoup(]E87BC[)ya, the Way to Enter into Nonexistence of Both Object and Subject--. The Annual Report of Researches of Otani University. 1995. No.47, pp.1-53
  • On the Meaning of sarv(]E87BC[)k(]E87BC[)raj(]E86F3[)at(]E87BC[). Journal of Indian and Buddhist studies. 1994. No.42-2, pp.899-904
Books (3):
  • Yasomitra as a Sautrantika Scholar Monk
    Early Buddhism and Abhidharma Thought, In Honor of Doctor Hajime Sakurabe on His Seventy-seventh Birthday 2002
  • The Position of the Abhidharmasara in Sarvastivada Literature
    Abhidharma and Indian Thought, Essays in Honor of Professor Doctor Junsho Kato on His Sixtieth Birthday 2000
  • A Study of the Abhisamay(]E87BC[)lamk(]E87BC[)ra, A Commentary on the Praj(]E86EF[)(]E87BC[)p(]E87BC[)ramit(]E87BC[)sutra
Education (4):
  • - 1983 Otani University Graduate School
  • - 1983 Otani University Graduate School, Division of Letters
  • - 1976 Kyoto University Faculty of Letters
  • - 1976 Kyoto University Faculty of Literature
Professional career (1):
  • Master of Literature
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