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Isogimi Kiyoshi

イソギミ キヨシ | Isogimi Kiyoshi
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://www.sks.mach.mie-u.ac.jp/index.html
Research field  (3): Composite materials and interfaces ,  Manufacturing and production engineering ,  Machine materials and mechanics
Research keywords  (3): Composite Materials and Properties ,  Matarials for Machines and Properties ,  Workshop Processes and Production Engineering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (5):
  • Machining Performance of Aramid Fiber or Aramid FRP
  • Machining Technology under Dry Condition
  • Cutting Fluid and Its Influence on Environment
  • Application of Experimental Caustic Method to Advanced New Fields Stress Analysis
  • Manufacturing and High Performance Cutting of Advanced Aramid Composite Materials
MISC (31):
Books (10):
  • Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Aramid short Fiber Reinforced Polyester (jointly worked)
    Experimental Mechanics in Design, Testing and Analysis Balkema 1998
  • Aramid Short Fiber/UP Composites and Their Mechanical Properties(jointly worked)
    Proc. Int. Conf. on structure, Processing and Properties 1997
  • Drilling of Small Hole on Steel Plate by Using CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Beam(jointly worked)
    Prog. and Abstracts 3rd. Int. Symposium on Microstructures Mech, Properties of New Engg. Materials 1997
  • Fabrication of Advanced FRP with Aramid Short Fiber and Its Properties(jointly worked)
    Proc. of the International Conference on Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics, JSME 1997
  • Improvement of Cutting Performance of Aramid-Glass Hybrid FRP with Ultrasonic Vibration(jointly worked)
    Proc. of the International Conference on Manufacturing Milestones toward the 21st Century, MM21, JSME 1997
Works (3):
  • Research of Machinability of Aramid FRP
    2000 -
  • Development of New Drill for Poor Machinability Materials
    2000 -
  • Development of New Drill for Poor Machinability Materials
    1999 -
Education (3):
  • - 1971 Nagoya University Graduate School, Division of Engineering
  • - 1966 Nagoya University School of Engineering
  • - 1966 Nagoya University Faculty of Engineering
Professional career (2):
  • (BLANK) (Nagoya University)
  • (BLANK) (Nagoya University)
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