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Yasuki Hirohiko

ヤスキ ヒロヒコ | Yasuki Hirohiko
Research field  (2): Economic policy ,  Economic policy
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (2):
  • Firm Growth and Inter-firm Relation
  • Diversification and Internal Organization
MISC (30):
  • The Criticism of Structurism, Revised: The Contradition in Antitrust. 2004
  • Innovation and Antitrust Policy: Vertical Restraints, IP and Antitrust. The Economic Review of Kansai University. 2003. Vol. 53, no.3, pp.297-307
  • Theory of the Firm and Antitrust Policy: From the Argument about the Microsoft case. 2002. 52. 2. 137-151
  • New Development of Small Business Theory; Industrial Society of Symbiosis. 2000
  • Corporate Governance, Vol.3 (The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics), Ch. 19, "Internal Organisation, Business Groups and Corporate Performance; An Empirical Test of the Multidivisional Hypothesis in Japan". Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. 1999. pp. 430-449
Books (4):
  • Industrial Economics; Oligopolistic Economy and Industrial Deveopment
  • Big Business in Contemporary Japan ; Corporate Behaviour and Industrial Organization
  • Industrial Organization
  • The Development of Capitalism in Japan, Series, Vol. 1
Works (16):
  • European Integration and SME: Lessons to be learnt, by C.Storz
    2005 -
  • Scale of Firms, Inter-Firm Relations and Industrial Studies.
    1996 -
  • Keith Cowling and Roger Sugden ed, A New Economic Policy for Britain; Essays on the Development of Industry
    1991 -
  • Monopoly Capitalism, by K.Cowling
    1988 -
  • Monopoly Capitalism, by K. Cowling
    1987 -
Professional career (2):
  • Master of Economics
  • Doctor of Economics
Work history (1):
  • Kansai University Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics professor
Association Membership(s) (1):
Society for industrial studies, Japan
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