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キハラ マサコ | KIHARA Masako
Affiliation and department:
Papers (51):
Books (3):
  • 医学的研究のデザイン-研究の質を高める疫学的アプローチ
    メディカルサイエンスインターナショナル 2004
  • Sex behavior of teenagers in contemporary Japan: The WYSH Project.
    Sanko Publisher 2010
  • Health of HIV-Infected People: Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle without Antiretroviral Drugs
    Elsevier publisher/Academic Print (AP) 2015
Lectures and oral presentations  (20):
  • “You should have faith before putting the pills in your mouth”: A qualitative study of patient adherence to antiretroviral therapy in the Democratic Republic of Congo”
    (Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH), Colombo, Srilanka 2012)
  • Neglected in Japan-low HIV testing rates among latin american immigrants
    (Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACH), Colombo, Srilanka 2012)
  • Latin American immigrants have limited access to health insurance in Japan
    (44th APACPH Conference, Sri Lanka 2012)
  • Ecological perspective of sexual attitudes in Thai female adolescents: A qualitative exploration
    (44th APACPH Conference, Sri Lanka 2012)
  • A cross-sectional study on infection control practice, knowledge and attitude among dental care professionals in 8 regions in Yemen (BEST ORAL PRESENTATION)
    (13 th International Federation of Infection Control; 13th Argentine Congress on Epidemiology, Infection Control and Patient Safety (ADECI), Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013)
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