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Kihara Masako

キハラ マサコ | Kihara Masako
Affiliation and department:
Papers (52):
  • Techasrivichien T, Darawuttimaprakorn N, Punpuing S, Musumari PM, Lukhele BW, El-Saaidi C, Suguimoto SP, Feldman MD, Ono-Kihara M, Kihara M. Changes in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes Across Generations and Gender Among a Population-Based Probability Sample From an Urbanizing Province in Thailand. Arch Sex Behav. 2014. 10
  • S. Pilar Suguimoto, Teeranee Techasrivichien, Patou Masika Musumari, Christina El-saaidi, Bhekumusa Wellington Lukhele, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara. Changing Patterns of HIV Epidemic in 30 Years in East Asia. CURRENT HIV/AIDS REPORTS. 2014. 11. 2. 134-145
  • Patou Masika Musumari, Edwin Wouters, Patrick Kalambayi Kayembe, Modeste Kiumbu Nzita, Samclide Mutindu Mbikayi, S. Pilar Suguimoto, Teeranee Techasrivichien, Bhekumusa Wellington Lukhele, Christina El-Saaidi, Peter Piot, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara. Food Insecurity Is Associated with Increased Risk of Non-Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV-Infected Adults in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Cross-Sectional Study. PLOS ONE. 2014. 9. 1
  • Patou Masika Musumari, Mitchell D. Feldman, Teeranee Techasrivichien, Edwin Wouters, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara. "If I have nothing to eat, I get angry and push the pills bottle away from me": A qualitative study of patient determinants of adherence to antiretroviral therapy in the Democratic Republic of Congo. AIDS CARE-PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIO-MEDICAL ASPECTS OF AIDS/HIV. 2013. 25. 10. 1271-1277
  • Qiaoqin Ma, Xiaohong Pan, Gaofeng Cai, Jiezhe Yan, Yun Xu, Masako Ono-Kihara, Masahiro Kihara. The Characteristics of Heterosexual STD Clinic Attendees Who Practice Oral Sex in Zhejiang Province, China. PLOS ONE. 2013. 8. 6
Books (3):
  • Health of HIV-Infected People: Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle without Antiretroviral Drugs
    Elsevier publisher/Academic Print (AP) 2015
  • Sex behavior of teenagers in contemporary Japan: The WYSH Project.
    Sanko Publisher 2010
  • 医学的研究のデザイン-研究の質を高める疫学的アプローチ
    メディカルサイエンスインターナショナル 2004
Lectures and oral presentations  (19):
  • Changes in Sexual Behavior and Attitudes across Generations and Gender among a Population-based Probability Sample of an Urbanizing Province in Thailand (BEST POSTER AWARD)
    (World Health Summit Regional Meeting Asia - Kyoto 2015)
  • Study of HIV/AIDS and Food Insecurity: Review and Implications for Interventions in Reducing Global Inequities
    (Conference on Reducing Inequities Global in a Global and Regional Area 2015)
  • The impact of maternal isolation on the child-rearing cost among mothers in Japan(口演優秀賞)
  • Global Health Education: Need for documented examples to outline the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary nature of global health
    (Association od Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) Global Health Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan 2014)
  • Possible Barriers and Facilitators for Exclusive Breastfeeding among Japanese Mothers in an Urban City: A Cross sectional Study
    (International scientific conference 1st Trakia Medical Days, Bulgaria 2014)
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